Paint Splattering

If your kids are like mine, they love to play with paint.  Usually that’s not a problem, but what about times when getting messy just isn’t an option.  How about virtual paint splattering?

Just move the mouse around the screen to splatter the paint.  The slower you move the more paint gets applied.  If you move quickly, you’ll get a thin line of paint.  Be aware, it’s a continuous line of paint.

To change colors, just left click with the mouse.

To clear your creation, just hit the spacebar.

These are just a couple of my creations.  This is actually pretty relaxing.



Sick of Movies? Get Plugged In!

I don’t know about you but I am so disappointed with the movies they have for kids these days or even adults.  I know I sound like an 80 year old complaining but it’s true.

I took Ashlyn to see her first movie (in a theater) last summer.  She was so excited!  We were going to see Happy Feet.  I thought, “Oh, it will be a cute little movie about penguins.”  I had no idea that the whole premise of the movie was about penguins mating.  Now, I am partly to blame because first of all I thought this movie was G but found out later it was PG.   Ashlyn spent half the time in my lap because the vicious seal and killer whale that freaked her out. 

I was talking to a friend of mine telling her about my frustrations and see told me to check out this Plugged In Online, a website that reviews movies.  It’s amazing! It tells you all you would want to know about the movie and so much more.  I won’t be taking my kids to a movie without checking this site out anymore.

Fun Learning Games

Here is a list of some great educational games that your kids will love playing.  They will have no idea they are learning.  It’s also great for teaching taking turns and  good sportsmanship.  Now I know most of these are old school and aren’t the latest craze but the games that do the least are the best for kids. 

  • Boggle Junior- This can be for many different ages.  My 4 year old and 22 month old play. 
  • Cards- Card games are a great way to learn about numbers. 
  • Yahtzee- I play this with my 4 yr. old and we only try to get the top part of the Yahtzee card.  Playing with dice is great for kids to learn about seeing groups of numbers and adding without counting every dot on the die.
  • Memory
  • Candy Land
  • Chutes and Ladders                                                                                       
  • Rummikub for Kids
  • Uno
  • High Ho Cherry O
  • Brain Quest
  • Scrabble Junior
  • Connect Four
  • Checkers
  • Guess Who?

Room-Time Activities

Some of you have asked that I share with you some of the room time activites I do with Ashlyn. Here is a schedule I try to follow. After she is done with the activity she can read or play with her dolls.

Mondays– Sight Word practice-
*cut out letters in magazines to make her words
*I type a short paragraph using as many of her words and give her a highlighter to find them all. Then she draws a picture of what it says.
*using letter tiles she spells out some of her words
* practices writing some of her words
*word searches with her words in it

Tuesdays– Puzzles
*this is the same each week.
*I give her two 24 piece puzzles to do. She loves Puzzle Tuesdays!

Wednesdays– Math Activity
* tangram shapes
* worksheets on numbers, patterns, or sequencing
* I’ve also started an estimation jar with her. I put a different number of bears in it and she writes how many she thinks are in the jar on a post it note.

Thursdays- Craft or Art Project
*making any b-day cards for friends or family’s b-days that are coming up.
*free drawing
*Sometimes I give her different sized shapes and tell her to make something by gluing them together.

Fridays– Free Friday
* She gets to decide what I put out for her. It can beplaying school, dolls, her pretend cash register is a favorite, Lite Bright, drum machine, her tea set, etc.

Saturdays/Sundays- these days vary depending on the amount of time she has for room time. Usually she will just read books for a little bit. I also have her listen to books on CD, which she loves.

She looks forward to her room time and sometimes gets upset when we have plans and she can’t have it. It’s funny how kids cling to the routine. Hope this helps!

Room Time

Every morning my girls spend between 30 to 45 mintues playing by themselves. Ashlyn plays in her room and Emily plays in her playpen. I started this when both were about 2 months old and have done it every morning since. It’s called room time and playpen time. I got the idea from a book called BabyWise. It’s been amazing!

I give Emily a few books, a puzzle, something that makes music, and some kind of stuffed animal. I keep the toys the same all week long then switch them out every Monday morning.

For Ashlyn’s room time I give her an activity to do in the beginning and once she has finished it she is able to read books, play with her dolls, etc. She has to stay in her room until I come and get her out.

They both love it. It teaches them to play independently, be creative, as well as obedience. We have also noticed that both girls have developed some long attention spans. They are able to focus on one thing at a time instead of jumping from one thing to another. It’s actually become a struggle to get them out. Emily wants to stay in and play by herself for up to an hour some days.