The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever

Ashlyn got this cute book from her kindergarten teacher today.  After I read it to her she asked if we could make our own Christmas tree.  So I cut out a pattern and got out some materials and we worked together to decorate our tree.  In the story two little mice work together to pick out the biggest Christmas tree and then their families decorate it together.  So, we helped each other make ours.  Her favorite part was twisting two pipe cleaners together to make a candy cane.



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What’s In My Stocking?

Here’s a fun game that Emily did in her class so I thought Ashlyn might enjoy it too.  I got a stocking and filled it with some of the objects it had on the graph (which can easily be made).  She decided she wanted to close her eyes and pull one thing out at a time.  Then she filled it in on her graph.  It was pretty easy for her but she had fun doing it.  When she finished I asked her all kinds of questions like;  How many dolls and bears were there?  How many more blocks were there than candy canes?




Christmas Gift Idea

Here is a cute idea for stocking stuffers, gifts for your kids’ friends, or Christmas table decorations.  They are also fun birthday party party gifts.  When I taught 1st grade, I made these for my students and they loved them.

Make sure you have enough toilet paper rolls.  Then all you will need is tissue paper or Christmas paper, ribbon, and some fun goodies to fill it.  Fill the rolls with candy, stickers, money, hair bows, and other small trinkets.  Then wrap the paper around the rolls and use the ribbon to tie each end shut.  This is a fun family project that your kids can help with.

Recycling Holiday Cards

Are the holiday cards stacking up at your house like they are at mine?  Here are a few fun activities to do with them after the holidays.

Cut the backs off of the cards and then cut the front of the cards in half (either horizontally or vertically.)  Now you have a fun matching game for your child.  I do this with a bunch and then put them in two piles and have my 2 year old find the matches. 

For older kids, cut the front of the cards (or let them cut their own) into puzzle pieces and have them put the “puzzle” back together.  They can glue the pieces together on a separate piece of paper to make their own card or reuse the pieces over and over again. 

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