Dr. Seuss Day

Today we had a great day filled with Dr. Seuss activities.  We started off the day by reading The Cat in the Hat.  Then we made our own Cat in the Hat

  • The kids painted the back of a paper plate black.
  • While those were drying, we worked on the hats.  They used red construction paper to make a pattern of red and white.
  • On tag board white paper I cut out circles to use as the cat’s face.  They used googly eyes, pom poms for the nose, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers to make the face.  They glued that to the paper plate.
  • I stapled the hat to the paper plate and then the kids added triangle ears.



After our craft was finished we had some fun Dr. Seuss centers.  The discovery table was filled with little Cat in the Hat toys that they loved playing with after hearing the story.


We also worked on patterning using these great styrofoam red and white circles that my friend let me borrow.  The kids had to stack them up using a pattern as high as they could.  They loved this!


We ended the day by reading Green Eggs and Ham.  I couldn’t read that book without making some green eggs and ham.  Almost of my class tried them and loved them.   My daughter Emily ate two plates full and then asked her Daddy if he could make her some for breakfast on Saturday.  It was a fun day!

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Pizza Day!

Today, at school, we finished up our community helpers unit by having a pizza day.  The kids had a blast.  My camera battery died so I only have a few pictures.

I read them the cutest book called Hi! Pizza Man.  Then we sorted different pizza toppings.


After that, we played a game.  The children had to throw pepperoni’s (red poker chips) into a triangle shaped box.  The kids pretended to work in a pizza shop and take orders and make pizzas.  They loved it!

They also made their own personal pan pizza.  I had to practically beg the owner to give me 10 boxes for my class.  Mr. “Don’t Tell My Boss I Gave You These” wasn’t too happy with me…but I got them. The kids created pizzas with crust, tomato sauce, shredded cheese, pepperoni, and green peppers.   They turned out so cute!




Then we ended the day with real pizza for lunch.  Such a great pizza day!

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The Night Sky

We have started another devotional Bible with the girls.  It is called Little Princess Devotional by Sheila Walsh.  We love it!   After reading the stories of creation we decided to create our own night sky.  We got some yellow construction paper and she taped different sized stars and circles to her paper.


Then we mixed purple and blue paint and added glitter.  She covered the entire paper including the stars and circles with paint.


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When she was finished we took the stars off.  Ashlyn wanted to add a moon so we cut out a circle from wax paper.  She crumpled it up and smoothed it back out to make it look like the craters on the moon.  She glued it to her night sky.  I forgot to take a picture of it with the moon on it though.


Paper Dolls

Emily had to miss her first day of school today because she had a fever yesterday.  It ended up being nothing but I still  kept her home especially since everyone is so concerned about Swine Flu.  My friend Sheli gave me a bag full of people patterns with tons of different felt clothing that we decided to use.  She had so much fun decorating the first doll she asked to do another one and another one which turned into a family of 4.

After Ashlyn came home from Kindergarten she wanted to make a family of her own.  I love it when a simple craft turns into a fun afternoon.  The girls named them and played house with them for quite a while.  I decided I am going to use the patterns with my 3’s class when we do our All About Me unit and have them create a doll that looks like them.  Since my girls used so much of the clothing I got some felt out and we created more clothes for them. We even used some old scrapbook paper to create funky designs on the dresses.  Here are the 8 that my girls did!



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Shapes with Foam

I found this fun idea here and Ashlyn loved it so much that she ended up making two.  All you need is some white foam, tape (I used duct tape but painter’s tape would probably work better), and some markers.  She put the tape on the foam however she wanted and then colored in the white parts with markers.  She peeled the tape off to see what design she created!