Everyday Trash

What do you get when you put 2 toilet paper rolls, a piece of cardboard, and some cotton balls together?  Here is what my girls came up with. 

Ashlyn found a toilet paper roll and asked me for some purple paper so she could turn it into a telescope.  Emily heard her and of course wanted to make one too.  I gave them the paper and they ran into Emily’s room.  About 15 minutes later they came out with two decorated purple telescopes.  They ran around the house looking through their telescopes yelling something about finding Baby Jaguar (they love Dora and Diego). 

Then Ashlyn found a piece of cardboard and asked if she could have it. She and Emily worked together to decorate it with stickers and markers , added some cotton on the inside and voila created a tent, bed and pillow for her Little People.  They played together in her room for almost an hour.  Who knew two toilet paper rolls, a piece of cardboard and some cotton balls could be so much fun!

It amazing how creative kids can be when given the opportunity.  Look and see what kind of trash you have laying around that your kids can turn into something wonderful!