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One Minute Wonders

The BBC has put together a collection of 13 videos depicting things that happen in nature in one minute.  If your children are interested in science, this is a fun educational resource.  Bookmark It Hide Sites

Build Your Own Animals

I just came across Switcheroo Zoo, a website that lets you mix and match animals to create new ones.  It’s fun for kids to watch as their elephant’s head morphs into a pig.  What would a zebra look like when it has a monkey head, bison legs, and a cheetah’s tail? You can visit nine [...]

Find the Number Game

This is a fun game to help children learn their numbers and how to find them on a chart. Using a hundreds chart is a great activity to teach kids the different number patterns. It can also help in learning to count by 2′s, 5′s, and 10′s. Here is how you play. Print out the [...]