Emily’s Prayer

I thought since I posted Ashlyn’s prayer I would post Emily’s too.  I didn’t get hers on video yet but I’m working on it.  I was tucking her in last night and asked if she wanted to pray.  Here is her simple 2 year old prayer.

“Jesus, I love you and I like you.  And you know what?….gink you that we can see you in the Bible.”

It was so sweet and sincere.  I continue to learn so much from my girls. 

Where is Emily?

Today after all my 11 little ones had gone home from school I left my classroom to go pick up my “real children”.  One of Emily’s teachers met me in the hall and handed me Emily’s tote bag.  I thanked her and said “Thanks for the bag but where is Emily?”  She looked at me like I was crazy and said that the other teacher had dropped her off in my room.  I went back to the room, no Emily.  Her teacher checked her room, no Emily.  We checked two more possible rooms and still, no Emily.  By now there are 4 adults looking for her.  About 5 minutes had passed and I was starting to get a little nervous and her teacher was frantic. 

We finally looked in the bathroom of her classroom and there was Emily sitting on the potty.  The substitute assistant had taken her to the bathroom about 15 minutes prior and got so busy with the other kids that she forgot about her.  Emily was just waiting patiently for someone to come and help her.  Her sweet teacher hugged her and started to cry a little while Emily was just smiling, as happy as ever. 

Ashlyn’s Princess Party

I can’t believe it but my little girl turns 5 tomorrow.  We had her party this past weekend and I am still recovering from it.  The theme was a Princess Party which is funny because I swore (before I had girls) that I would never let my girls wear all pink.  My how that has changed!  All 10 little girls came decked out in princess attire.  I was a little worried because the day before Emily said she wasn’t going to wear a dress but a ladybug costume instead.  She changed her mind once all the girls came though. 

We borrowed this amazing castle made out of appliance boxes from a friend.  It was so big we had to remove all the furniture from our living room.  It took 2 hours to put together but it was well worth it.  Right Honey?!?!  This kept the girls entertained for quite a while. 

I split the girls into groups and had them rotate between 3 different stations. 

Station 1- make tiaras.  I bought 2 packs of 6 foam tiaras from WalMart.  It included all the foam stickers as well and only cost $4.00 each.  (Much cheaper than Michael’s)

Station 2- The Royal Salon.  I had my mom and mother in law paint the girls finger nails and put blush on them.  While their nails were drying they got to listen to princess stories. 

Station 3- Pin the Lips on the Frog-  I bought lip stickers and had them put them on the frog. 

For party favors I bought cheap scrapbook paper and some glittery princess stickers.  I had a friend (who has much better handwriting than me) write Princess ________ on each paper and then I decorated them with the stickers.  I laminated them and made them into place-mats.  They got the tiaras they made and a balloon also.  It was a great party.  Here are some pictures.


castle cake

My friend Sarah made this.  I wish I could take credit for it. 




This is what Emily was doing almost the entire time…EATING!



A Weekend Together

This past weekend our family packed up our things and headed to Southwind, a Young Life camp near Ocala, Florida.  My husband was the Head Leader for about 300 highschool kids.  He had to work but the girls and I had the whole weekend to relax and play.  He ended up having a lot more free time than we thought though.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures.




We decided to let the girls sleep together in one big bed.  They stayed up until 10:00 both nights talking.  It was so cute!

Emily and Daddy

family walking


Getting ready to go canoeing with Daddy

Ashlyn and Emily

Ashlyn and Emily hugging

Turkey Activities

My girls loved making this turkey today.  All you need is brown construction paper, a coffee filter, and some washable markers. 

  1. Cut out a turkey shape from brown construction paper.  I traced one that I found online.
  2. Have your child color a coffee filter with washable markers.  It really doesn’t matter how they color it but it will look best if they color most of it and don’t leave many white spots.
  3. Have them spray the coffee filter with water.  This will allow all the colors to run together.
  4. While waiting for the filter to dry, I had my girls draw a face on the turkey pattern that I cut out.  I let Ashlyn cut her own out. 
  5. Once the filter is dry, fold it in half and glue or staple it to the back of the turkey for the feathers.  They turn out really cute!


I did a different activity with Emily and I was able to use the same turkey pattern.  This time I wrote her name on the front of the turkey and colored it.  Then I cut pieces of different color construction paper and wrote a letter on each piece that is in her name.  These are the turkey’s feather.  Now she has a game to practice how to spell her name.  I mix up the feathers and she has to put them back together in the correct order.

name turkey