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Camping In June

Our family went on our first camping trip last Friday with some friends.  I’m not sure why we decided to do this in June while living in Florida but we did and overall it was lots of fun. The girls and husband loved sleeping in a tent outside, me…not so much.   Sleeping on roots and rocks while listening to animal [...]

Daddy Daughter Dance-Two Princesses

Last night Chris took the girls’ to our church’s annual Daddy Daughter Dance.  This was Ashlyn’s third time going and Emily’s first.  They got new dresses and Chris bought them red carnations.  He took them out to dinner and kept them out way past curfew.  They had a great time and were so excited when [...]

Works For Me Wednesday!

Here’s another contribution to the Rocks In My Dryer, Works for Me Wednesday blog carnival.  This is something that’s given my husband & I a way to encourage our 5-year old daughter and give her some extra reading practice.  A few years ago my husband and I read the book Five Love Languages in order to find out what [...]

A Weekend Together

This past weekend our family packed up our things and headed to Southwind, a Young Life camp near Ocala, Florida.  My husband was the Head Leader for about 300 highschool kids.  He had to work but the girls and I had the whole weekend to relax and play.  He ended up having a lot more [...]

Growing Up

Emily has been asking for a “big girl bed” for a couple of days now so we decided to give her one.  On Friday, the girls were playing with some friends in the backyard so Chris and I took down her crib.  I almost cried!  When we moved Ashlyn to a big girl bed I was [...]