Free Food…No Thanks!

My in laws called the other day asking if we wanted to dress up like cows and get free food at Chick- Fil -A.  ” Umm, no thanks but maybe the girls would!” I said.  I am all about getting free stuff, especially food, but I also have my limits.  Emily said she would rather stay home but Ashlyn (my shy one) wanted to go!  We spent that morning searching for black and white clothes to pin spots to.  We even drew black spots on her face.  She looked adorable!  They ended up going to two different restaurants to eat.  Here are some pictures of our cow family.



Emily’s Ladybug Party- Part 1

Emily let me know 8 months ago that she wanted a ladybug, park birthday party when she turned 3.  What can I say? The girl knows what she wants. 

So, I reserved a pavilion.  Then it started to rain.  It rained all week and the forecast called for rain on Saturday, the day of the party.  My husband & I decided to switch dates to the next Saturday to avoid any weather problems.  We called the park & e-mailed all the guests.  As it turned out only a few guests could come the next week, so we changed it back.  Afterall, as my husband said, “What are the chances of it raining at 10:00 in the morning?” I was so embarrased to call the park back I made my him do it.

Friday night, my friend Ame & I worked until 1:30am getting activities together just in case it rained.

When Saturday morning rolled around, it was bright & sunny outside.  We drove over to the park, set up all the decorations, dried off the playground equipment and got the grill ready for hot dogs.  Party time…10:00 and the guests start showing up.  Fifteen minutes later, we were in the storm of the century.  I guess the chances of it raining at 10:00 were pretty good.  Now we have nearly all the guests under a pavilion 100 yards from their cars, and lightning was literally striking at the park.  It was crazy!!! So much so I started to cry and I never cry.

I wanted to just call it quits and send everyone home, but my awesome friends had other ideas.  Several of them braved the storm, drove to my house, and had it cleaned before I got there.  We ended up doing most of the crafts & games from the comfort of my family room.  We have such a great community.

Not Me Monday

I did NOT leave my daughter on the potty so long (actually only 5 minutes) that she fell asleep, and I definitely did NOT run to get the video camera instead of waking her up to make sure she didn’t fall over. (This is NOT something that Emily has a history of.)

I also did NOT encourage the same little girl to sing country music songs she hears on the radio, and definitely NOT songs that talk about having beer on Friday night (you do NOT have to watch the video of this).

And, I did NOT ruin my ironing board, my iron, and my other daughter’s favorite shirt while trying to melt crayons so I would have a craft to post about on my blog.


Here are hunderds of other Not Me Monday posts.

Everyone Likes A Little Chicken Fried

One of the hottest country songs right now is the song Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown band.  We listen to country music while we drive around, so the girls tend to pick up some of the songs.  This is the actual song.  And, below is Emily’s rendition.  (If you don’t know the song, you absolutely have to listen to it before watching Emily.)  Yes.  She’s eating fried chicken & singing about beer on Friday night.