Pajama Day at School!

Today was pajama day in our class.  The kids loved coming to school in their favorite pj’s. I think I actually enjoyed it more than they did.  Nothing like telling a pregnant women she can wear pj’s all day at work.  I set up sleeping bags and stuffed animals in the reading center.  They looked so cozy reading in their pj’s.


We also read The Napping House.  I love this book because of the vocabulary as well as the sequencing in it.  My kids loved it too.  Once we finished it, we created our own class size napping house.  We made a house and then I gave each student a character from the story.  We looked back through the story and the kids had to retell me the story and the order.  Then they got to put the characters on our napping house.

We also sang the song There Were 10 in The Bed.  If you don’t know it each time you sing it one person rolls out of bed and then you start over again with “there were 9 in the bed…”It’s great for counting backwards and introducing the concept of subtraction. I made ten little kids on Popsicle sticks and put it in the reading center for them to play with.  I heard them singing it all day!



Beginning Math Skills

Today while Emily and I were playing memory (Hello Kitty Flip ‘n’ Match), I noticed that the board it came with would be perfect for some beginning math skills.  I went and got some marbles and a die to roll.  I had her roll the dice and then add that many marbles.  We took turns rolling the die and adding more until the board was filled up.  The whole time I threw in some math terms and asked her questions.

  • How many do we have altogether?
  • What do you have to roll to fill up the row?
  • How many more do you need to fill the board up?
  • You rolled a 5 first and now a 3.  What is 5 plus 3 more?

These kinds of questions are ones that kids encounter in word problems.  When I taught first grade many kids had a hard time figuring out how to answer those problems.  So whenever I can I ask my girls so they will understand what they mean as they get older.



One Stop Shopping

The other day I was working on the computer, Emily was asleep, and Ashlyn was creating.  I would hear her every now and then but she asked me not to come out in the family room.  She was working on a surprise.  She does these “surprises” all the time.  About 30 minutes later she came in, gave me a card that said Welcome to my Store, a huge shopping box, and a credit card.

She had transformed the family room into a store complete with a shoe, clothes, food, toy, and craft department.  I got to go around and shop while she waited patiently at her register.  At the end of my visit, I even got a free cookie like at Publix.  I love when she decides to entertain herself while being so creative.




Interactive Journaling

Every morning I used to write a morning message to my girls.  They loved this but now I am trying something a little different.  I gave Ashlyn a journal and wrote her a short letter, just a few sentences.  I left it on her desk in her room and when she woke up she read it and instantly wrote me back.  It has been great for communicating with her what we are doing that day, how special she is, and how much I love her.  I wanted it to be more personal between the two of us.  Every time she reads a letter I can see her eyes light up with pride.

It is also great for sneaking in writing skills such as proper letter writing, punctuation,  and writing complete sentences.  I don’t correct her spelling because I want her to feel free about what she will write.  Let me know if you try it with your kids.


Cross on a Hill

We did a cute project today in class that my kids enjoyed.  Sorry I don’t have pictures but we were too busy making them.  I cut styrofoam balls in half and had the kids paint them green.  Then I gave them each two popsicle sticks, one regular sized one and one small one.  They colored both sides of each one with brown markers.  We hot glued those together and them stuck them into the top of the styrofoam “hills”.  The last step was optional.  They could add some flower stickers around the bottom of the hill if they wanted.

We talked about why a cross was important for Easter and how it could remind us of how much God loves us.