Popcorn Cones

Last year our family started having a game night one week and a movie night one week.  When it’s movie night the girls get their sleeping bags and I pop some popcorn.  We made some popcorn cones (that’s what we call them) out of old scrapbook paper.  The girls love them and when they get old you get to make new ones.


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Kid Friendly Friday- Websites

My girls love playing on the computer.  So I am always trying to find fun, educational websites for them to learn on.  Here are my thoughts on a few new ones that I found.

  • www.ixl.com- This is a fee based math website for kids from preschool on up.  You can sign up for a free 2 week trial and see how you like it.  It has leveled activities for so many different math skills.  Ashlyn loves it because it times you and gives you a medal depending on how you do.  I love it because you can go to different grade levels depending on the skill.   I also have been using it with my tutoring.
  • www.dreambox.com- This is a favorite in the house right now.  It’s also a fee based math website.  We are enjoying the free trial period right now.  It tests your child in the beginning to see where they should start.  Ashlyn had no idea she was being tested because the games are so much fun!  As a former 1st grade teacher, the games on this website are (I feel) on grade level and exactly what they need to be learning.
  • www.tickettoread.com- We tried this website out and decided to go ahead and buy a year subscription.  It’s only 30.00 a year and it helps with reading.  The kindergarten level is a lot of phonics activities and then some sight word games.  You have to help find the parts to missing toys that the “zogwogs” took.  The 1st grade level and above works more on fluency and comprehension.  It reads a passage to you and then times you on reading it yourself.  As you get points you get to buy things for your clubhouse.

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Creepy, Crawly, Bugs!

This week at summer camp the theme was Creepy Crawly Bugs.  We did so many cute crafts but this one was my favorite.  Each kid got a gardening glove (pink for girls and blue for boys).   We hot glued a piece of foam shaped like a body to the top of the glove.  The kids got to pick out whatever colored wings (also made of foam) they wanted to.  Some decorated the wings with pom poms.  I cut Styrofoam balls in half and then glued googly eyes to those.  They each ended up with really cute bug puppets to take home with them.  Here are my girls’ bugs.



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