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Pumpkin Carving Websites

Here are a few fun websites where you and your child can virtually carve and paint pumpkins. http://www.thepumpkinfarm.com/carve_pumpkin.html http://www.bloompetals.com/index.php?c=pumpkin http://www.spookathon.com/halloween/pumpkin-carver.php Check out more kid friendly ideas here. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Popcorn Cones

Last year our family started having a game night one week and a movie night one week.  When it’s movie night the girls get their sleeping bags and I pop some popcorn.  We made some popcorn cones (that’s what we call them) out of old scrapbook paper.  The girls love them and when they get [...]

Kid Friendly Friday- Websites

My girls love playing on the computer.  So I am always trying to find fun, educational websites for them to learn on.  Here are my thoughts on a few new ones that I found. www.ixl.com- This is a fee based math website for kids from preschool on up.  You can sign up for a free [...]

Cute Puppets

These cute puppets included everything in the bag and we didn’t even have to use glue.  It took about 5 minutes to make and are adorable.  A friend of mine found them at Wal Mart on clearance in the Martha Stewart collection.  Thanks Cathy!! Check out more fun crafts here and here. Bookmark It Hide [...]

Creepy, Crawly, Bugs!

This week at summer camp the theme was Creepy Crawly Bugs.  We did so many cute crafts but this one was my favorite.  Each kid got a gardening glove (pink for girls and blue for boys).   We hot glued a piece of foam shaped like a body to the top of the glove.  The kids [...]