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Works For Me Wednesday

This is the last time Works For Me Wednesday will be linked to the original site, Rocks In My Dryer, so please head over there and check it out. Last night, I was getting ready to make dinner and I wanted something to keep my girls busy besides just turning on the tube.  So, I [...]

Teaching Grouping

When I taught first grade, a part of our math curriculum was teaching kids to think in groups when solving math problems.  I spent a lot of time using dice to get them to know how many were on the die without counting them.  This is important for kids to grasp at a young age and will [...]

Turkey Activities

My girls loved making this turkey today.  All you need is brown construction paper, a coffee filter, and some washable markers.  Cut out a turkey shape from brown construction paper.  I traced one that I found online. Have your child color a coffee filter with washable markers.  It really doesn’t matter how they color it [...]

Things Learned this Summer

Our family has had an amazing summer.  We did many things together and the girls learned so much.  I feel like both have grown physically and have become more independent.  As their mom, I am very proud of them but also sad.  My little girls are growing up!!!  Maybe it’s time for another one…  Ashlyn, (my [...]

I’m Back!

After 3 weeks away at a Young Life camp in North Georgia (I hope to post more on this later) and almost a week of being sick, I am finally back to posting on the blog.  I know my 4 readers missed me. We spent the day taking the girls to the zoo, painting a [...]