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Ocean Day

Ashlyn has been sick for a couple of days now and I am going stir crazy having to stay in the house.  So last night after the girls went to bed I decided to plan another themed day.    They loved the camping day I did last summer so today is Ocean Day at our [...]

Making Words

Ashlyn really enjoyed this activity.  I put some of our Bananagram letters into a bowl.   She had to close her eyes and choose any 6 she wanted.  Once she had her 6 letters, she had to see if she could make any words from them.  I had her write them down on her white [...]


I actually won this game at a white elephant/raffle Christmas party but have never actually played it.  At least not the way they probably intended it to be played.  I have been using it for so many other fun activities with my girls. With Ashlyn, who is 6, I have been giving her spelling tests [...]

Emily’s Reading!

Both my girls have always loved books.  Since they were about 2 months old we have gone to the library weekly and read at least 4 books a day.  Ashlyn started reading pretty young and hasn’t stopped.  I wasn’t sure Emily was going to have the same desire to read but about a month ago [...]

Matching Activity

I had Emily find things around the house that were different shapes.  She chose some of her toys and also wanted to spell out her name using her foam letters.  She placed them on a dark piece of construction paper and we set them outside in the hot Florida sun.   After about an hour [...]