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Minute Math – Everyday for June

Teaching my kids is something I try to do everyday even if they aren’t aware they are learning.  I like to make math something they learn to use in everyday situations. Here is a calendar of ideas to do with your kids each day during the month of June.  They only take a few minutes [...]

Scrabble Addition

Ashlyn liked her making word activity so much that I thought I would give her another one only add a little math into the mix.  This is what you need: Scrabble tiles a list of words calculator (optional) pencil and paper I gave her a list of 5 words.  We spent the day at the [...]

Yummy Patterning!

Monday was a wet, rainy day.  I had planned on taking the girls to the zoo’s splash pad but instead we hung out at home and played together.  I decided to do a patterning activity with M&M’s.  What kid doesn’t love any math activity where eating chocolate is involved. I gave them each a bowl [...]

Pajama Day at School!

Today was pajama day in our class.  The kids loved coming to school in their favorite pj’s. I think I actually enjoyed it more than they did.  Nothing like telling a pregnant women she can wear pj’s all day at work.  I set up sleeping bags and stuffed animals in the reading center.  They looked [...]

Beginning Math Skills

Today while Emily and I were playing memory (Hello Kitty Flip ‘n’ Match), I noticed that the board it came with would be perfect for some beginning math skills.  I went and got some marbles and a die to roll.  I had her roll the dice and then add that many marbles.  We took turns [...]