Minute Math – Everyday for June

Teaching my kids is something I try to do everyday even if they aren’t aware they are learning.  I like to make math something they learn to use in everyday situations.

Here is a calendar of ideas to do with your kids each day during the month of June.  They only take a few minutes and will help keep math fun.  Enjoy!


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Scrabble Addition

Ashlyn liked her making word activity so much that I thought I would give her another one only add a little math into the mix.  This is what you need:

  • Scrabble tiles
  • a list of words
  • calculator (optional)
  • pencil and paper

I gave her a list of 5 words.  We spent the day at the beach yesterday so I used beach themed words.  You can also use spelling words, sight words, seasonal words, etc.  Then I gave her a bucket of the Scrabble tiles.


She had to spell the first word from the list and next to it make a number sentence from the point values on each tile.  She had to add the sentence up and total it.  I let her use a calculator because I hardly ever do and she loves hers.


Once all the words were made and added up, she had to tell me which word was worth the most.  She loved it!

Yummy Patterning!

Monday was a wet, rainy day.  I had planned on taking the girls to the zoo’s splash pad but instead we hung out at home and played together.  I decided to do a patterning activity with M&M’s.  What kid doesn’t love any math activity where eating chocolate is involved.

I gave them each a bowl full of M&M’s and a paper that had eggs on it.  I was using it the following week in my class for my dinosaur theme.  They had to place the M&M’s on the eggs to create a pattern.   Once they created their pattern they had to color the eggs to match their pattern. Here is what they came up with.


Here is Ashlyn’s AAB pattern.


Emily working on her ABBCD pattern.

Their favorite part was of course eating the M&M’s at the end.

Pajama Day at School!

Today was pajama day in our class.  The kids loved coming to school in their favorite pj’s. I think I actually enjoyed it more than they did.  Nothing like telling a pregnant women she can wear pj’s all day at work.  I set up sleeping bags and stuffed animals in the reading center.  They looked so cozy reading in their pj’s.


We also read The Napping House.  I love this book because of the vocabulary as well as the sequencing in it.  My kids loved it too.  Once we finished it, we created our own class size napping house.  We made a house and then I gave each student a character from the story.  We looked back through the story and the kids had to retell me the story and the order.  Then they got to put the characters on our napping house.

We also sang the song There Were 10 in The Bed.  If you don’t know it each time you sing it one person rolls out of bed and then you start over again with “there were 9 in the bed…”It’s great for counting backwards and introducing the concept of subtraction. I made ten little kids on Popsicle sticks and put it in the reading center for them to play with.  I heard them singing it all day!



Beginning Math Skills

Today while Emily and I were playing memory (Hello Kitty Flip ‘n’ Match), I noticed that the board it came with would be perfect for some beginning math skills.  I went and got some marbles and a die to roll.  I had her roll the dice and then add that many marbles.  We took turns rolling the die and adding more until the board was filled up.  The whole time I threw in some math terms and asked her questions.

  • How many do we have altogether?
  • What do you have to roll to fill up the row?
  • How many more do you need to fill the board up?
  • You rolled a 5 first and now a 3.  What is 5 plus 3 more?

These kinds of questions are ones that kids encounter in word problems.  When I taught first grade many kids had a hard time figuring out how to answer those problems.  So whenever I can I ask my girls so they will understand what they mean as they get older.