Find the Number- part 2

I played this game with Ashlyn all the time when she was younger and today Emily wanted to play it.  I told her that I would only pick numbers on the first two rows (1 – 20).  I would tell her a number and she had to find it on the board and place an M&M on it.  She loved it, especially when I told her she could eat them.


Ashlyn wanted to play it today also but I needed to modify it for her level.  So, I would tell her  a number and she had to place an M&M on it.  Then I would ask her to find the number that was 10 more than that number or ten less than it.  At first she would count ten more or less.  After a few times, she remembered that I taught her that all she had to do was move it down or up one row.  Using a hundreds board is so good for understanding number sense as well as patterning.


What’s In My Stocking?

Here’s a fun game that Emily did in her class so I thought Ashlyn might enjoy it too.  I got a stocking and filled it with some of the objects it had on the graph (which can easily be made).  She decided she wanted to close her eyes and pull one thing out at a time.  Then she filled it in on her graph.  It was pretty easy for her but she had fun doing it.  When she finished I asked her all kinds of questions like;  How many dolls and bears were there?  How many more blocks were there than candy canes?




Sorting Shells

My mom took Ashlyn shopping this past Saturday to get some new school clothes.  Apparently she told my mom that I didn’t buy her any new clothes this year and that Emily had tons of clothes because she got all of Ashlyn’s old clothes.   Anyway, I had some Mommy Emily time most of the afternoon.  Of course we played Little People (I don’t think a day goes by without playing this) watched Dora, and then played with the shells I got at a garage sale.  I love when I find a great math manipulative for dirt cheap!  I had her sort them however she wanted. I loved the categories she came up with; spiky ones, unicorn ones, eyeball looking ones, ones with a hole in them, and flat ones.  We talked about which group had the most and least and which ones she liked the best.  I used a plastic platter that a friend of mine got at Publix and was about to throw away.  It’s perfect for sorting!!



Hundreds Board

I know this isn’t really a craft but I thought I would share anyway!  We haven’t had time to do any crafts this week.  Ashlyn has had so much fun with the puzzles I’ve been making for her out of food boxes that I decided to try it with something else.  I printed out a hundreds board from here and cut it into different pieces.  I glued some down on a piece of construction paper and then had her glue the rest down.  She asked if I would print out another one and cut more of it up to make it harder next time.  I love when my kid is asking me to challenge her!




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Recycled Cereal Box Puzzles

There are so many things you can use an old cereal box for but I thought of a new use the other day.  I cut the front of an old Froot Loops box up and made it into a puzzle.  The girls loved it.  Now we have a crackers puzzle too…the possibilities are endless.  They are sturdy and easily stored in a ziplock bag.  Yay for recycling!