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Not Me Monday

I did NOT wake up late on Wednesday.  Then I did NOT call my husband at work and complain that he forgot to reset the alarm after he woke up.  And, during that same conversation, I did NOT tell him how mad I was about the bird outside our window that wouldn’t stop chirping.  Then [...]

Not Me Monday- 10th Anniversary Edition

My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Friday (the 13th) and had a wonderful time.  He surprised me with a whole evening of fun and romantic things he had planned.  I was NOT nervous when he told me that he had taken care of the evening.  I did NOT worry that we might [...]

Not Me Monday

I did take a girls night out while my husband took our daughters to the annual Daddy/Daughter Dance at our church. But while at Chili’s, I did NOT sarcastically make fun of our waiter with my friends. We did NOT laugh about his hair (which looked strangely similar to one of the girls I went out [...]

Not Me Monday

I did NOT leave my daughter on the potty so long (actually only 5 minutes) that she fell asleep, and I definitely did NOT run to get the video camera instead of waking her up to make sure she didn’t fall over. (This is NOT something that Emily has a history of.) I also did NOT [...]

Not Me Monday!

We are Georgia Bulldog fans (living in Florida) but we DO NOT make fun of any Gators we see.  When we pass a car with a Gator tag or wheel cover we DO NOT all hold our noses and yell “ewwwwww, that’s disgusting”.  Our daughters have caught on quite well to us NOT doing this type of behavior [...]