Not Me Monday

I did NOT wake up late on Wednesday.  Then I did NOT call my husband at work and complain that he forgot to reset the alarm after he woke up.  And, during that same conversation, I did NOT tell him how mad I was about the bird outside our window that wouldn’t stop chirping.  Then that night, in order to test the clock, he did NOT play the sound of our alarm that sounds pretty much like a bird.

And then Yesterday, I did NOT climb up into our attic (for the first time in 10 years) looking for some childrens books that I cannot find anywhere.  I also did NOT spend 20 minutes sitting up there with a flashlight reading my old high school diary.  Then, when I decided to get down, I did NOT realize that I couldn’t do it myself because the ladder was too far down for me to reach.  This story does NOT end with me having my husband get on our old rickety 6-foot ladder and climbing up far enough so I could sit on his shoulders while he climbed down.

Normally I would link to My Charming Kids, Not Me Monday, but this morning please be praying for her son, Stellan.

Not Me Monday- 10th Anniversary Edition

My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Friday (the 13th) and had a wonderful time.  He surprised me with a whole evening of fun and romantic things he had planned.  I was NOT nervous when he told me that he had taken care of the evening.  I did NOT worry that we might end up at a fast food restaurant and then a high school volleyball game to celebrate.  It’s not like we did that on our first date or anything.

Chris and Anne

We ended up at The Marriott right next to The Arena where New Kids on The Block were in concert.  I did NOT secretly wish I would see Donny or Jordan walking down the halls in our hotel.  I have NOT had a crush on them since middle school. 


We did NOT go to a fancy restaurant and spend way too much money.  I did NOT pig out on crab legs, broccoli, pasta stuff that I can’t pronounce (or spell), bread, and half of my husbands’ salad (while he went to the bathroom).  And I certainly did NOT make him stop on the way to the restaurant at Chick Fil A because I was starving and wanted an order of french fries and a coke.  I could NEVER eat that much food!

Anne eating

And finally, after spending a wonderful evening eating and laughing, at SAK Comedy Lab, I did NOT wake up the next morning and search all over our hotel room for anything I could take in order to make our 125.00 night stay easier to digest.  This is NOT a picture of items that are now in my bathroom.

stuff from hotel

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Not Me Monday

I did take a girls night out while my husband took our daughters to the annual Daddy/Daughter Dance at our church. But while at Chili’s, I did NOT sarcastically make fun of our waiter with my friends. We did NOT laugh about his hair (which looked strangely similar to one of the girls I went out with), his lack of service, or our perception that he would never be able to figure out how to split up our bill. And we definitely did NOT say these things and laugh when he was just around the corner every time. “So you want me to split that up for you, ladies?”

I let my 2-year old wear a pink leopard print jacket to pre-school (also my place of work).  But I did NOT just ignore her decision to be baby jaguar, and I did NOT let her completely act her new role out all the way to my classroom complete with crawling through the parking lot and growling at security guards & teachers who said hi to her.  This new game I found is NOT the perfect game for my little girl.

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Not Me Monday

I did NOT leave my daughter on the potty so long (actually only 5 minutes) that she fell asleep, and I definitely did NOT run to get the video camera instead of waking her up to make sure she didn’t fall over. (This is NOT something that Emily has a history of.)

I also did NOT encourage the same little girl to sing country music songs she hears on the radio, and definitely NOT songs that talk about having beer on Friday night (you do NOT have to watch the video of this).

And, I did NOT ruin my ironing board, my iron, and my other daughter’s favorite shirt while trying to melt crayons so I would have a craft to post about on my blog.


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Not Me Monday!

We are Georgia Bulldog fans (living in Florida) but we DO NOT make fun of any Gators we see.  When we pass a car with a Gator tag or wheel cover we DO NOT all hold our noses and yell “ewwwwww, that’s disgusting”.  Our daughters have caught on quite well to us NOT doing this type of behavior whenever we see something orange & blue.  Thursday night I was sitting among other parents in the lobby of our Little Gym for my 5-year old’s gymnastics class and a gentleman walked in.  He was wearing a Florida Gator sweatshirt.   I’m pretty sure I DID NOT see and hear my 2-year old point straight at this man (within 10 feet) and blurt out to everyone, “Hey!  That would make Daddy throw up!” 

I used to be addicted to solitare.  Then it was free cell.  I got over those a year or so ago when Facebook entered my life.  I’m pretty sure that’s where my addition will stop, because the last 2 nights I have NOT gotten onto the laptop after my husband goes to bed.  And I have definitely NOT logged into my daughter’s Webkinz account to play endless games of Smoothy Moves.

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