Magnetic Letters

Magnetic letters are great for kids to play with.  Kids of all ages can benefit from using them.  Younger kids can learn their letters by finding matching letters together while older kids can start forming words.  Many kids learn best by touching and doing.  It’s a great hands on activity.  Ashlyn plays with them in room time.  I have her spell out her sight words or names of people in the family.  I use a cookie sheet for her to spell the words on because they are magnetic. 

While these are a great learning activity, they are a pain to store.  When I was teaching I found that a tackle box was perfect for this.  They have 24 little square compartments so I combine the letters w and x together and y and z.  it’s much better than stuffing them all in a ziploc bag.

magnetic letters

Card Hanger

Here is a great idea that I borrow from my friend, Sarah. She buys a ribbon long enough to hang down both sides of her daughters’ doors. Then using clothes pins, she hangs their artwork, birthday invitations, and cards on the doors.


It’s a place the kids can hang their stuff to look at and show off to their friends but it doesn’t create clutter all over the house.

Thanks Sarah!

Magazine Organization

After fort building I decided to take a break and look through some old magazines. My kids were busy jumping on the “trampoline” (pillows) while I flipped the pages of my Family Fun magazine. I found several pages turned down and realized I forgot to go back and look at it. I knew I would never end up going back through them and got a great idea. I tore out all the pages with things I wanted to look back through. Most of them were different things the girls and I could make together.

I went through all 12 of my magazines tearing out pages that I wanted to keep. Ashlyn and Emily got tired and started looking through them with me. It was fun because Ashlyn helped me find things that she wanted to do and we would tear them out. I put the pages in order by month and stuck them in a folder. I put dividers in for each month and now I can find what I want much easier.