Foil Easter Eggs

Here’s a fun activity that I did last Easter with Ashlyn.  I cut some egg shapes out of file folders and wrapped them in aluminium foil.  Then the girls painted them with acrylic paint.  I also let them use regular paint which worked fine but didn’t dry as nicely.  While the paint is still wet, use the other end of the paintbrush to scratch designs on the egg.  They ended up painting 11 eggs.  They had so much fun doing these.  I made a basket and then had them glue them on and put the eggs in it.  It turned out cute!

Emily with eggs

Ashlyn painting eggs

painted eggs

picture of eggs

Paint Splattering

If your kids are like mine, they love to play with paint.  Usually that’s not a problem, but what about times when getting messy just isn’t an option.  How about virtual paint splattering?

Just move the mouse around the screen to splatter the paint.  The slower you move the more paint gets applied.  If you move quickly, you’ll get a thin line of paint.  Be aware, it’s a continuous line of paint.

To change colors, just left click with the mouse.

To clear your creation, just hit the spacebar.

These are just a couple of my creations.  This is actually pretty relaxing.



Kid Friendly Friday

This morning before we headed out to eat lunch with Chris, my girls were looking for something to do.  I remembered I saw this painting idea on a website (don’t remember which one) where you paint using a golf ball and a shoe box.  They had so much fun doing this and it was so easy and clean.

They each got to pick a color to use and I put a piece of paper at the bottom of a shoe box.  Then I gave them each a golf ball and dabbed some paint on the paper.  Then I had them paint the golf ball with a little paint.  We closed the box and they took turns shaking it.  That’s it!  They loved how their pictures turned out.   You can also do this with marbles but I couldn’t find any around my house.   


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Toilet Paper Fun

Yesterday was a long day.  Both my girls are still coughing, yes I know, it’s been like 2 weeks.  So when I need to kill some time I go to the art supply closet. 

I let them each pick a color paint and then I gave them a toilet paper roll.  Ashlyn’s job was to make sure all the little pieces of toilet paper were off.  I had them dip it into the paint and make circles.  I also found some extra plastic Easter eggs that they painted with too.   Emily loved it and went right to work.  Her circles slowly became ovals because she was squeezing the roll a little too hard.  It looked neat though. 

Ashyln had to sit there and think about what she was going to do.  She decided to experiment which I was so excited about.  Normally Ashyln has to do things the right way and it has to be perfect.  She started with the toilet paper roll and then put the smaller egg circles in the middle.  She then put paint on the side of the egg and made “jellybean” shaped paint blobs.  They both had fun and their creations turned out great!

Emily painting

Ashlyn painting

both painting

This is a perfect picture of why it was such a long day!  I asked her to say cheese.

Painting with a Twist

Ashlyn-4 was getting kind of bored with “regular” painting so the other day we tried something a little different.  We painted a beautiful picture using straws.  It was so much fun! 

 I got 3 different straws and put them in the color paint she wanted.  Then she blew through the straw and blew the paint onto the paper.  She really got into it and tried to mix the colors to make new colors.  Then we folded her paper in half and I had her press on both sides to mix the paint together even more.  It looked great when we opened it up and it was a neat beginning lesson on symmetry too.  I’m debating on trying this with Emily-22months.  I’m a little scared she will suck the paint in instead of  blowing it out.

Here is the finished product that now hangs on our refrigerator.