Hide and Go Seek with Daddy- Bad Idea!

Yesterday was a rainy day here in the sunshine state.  It rained from 1:30 in the afternoon until I went to bed last night at 10:45.  We made the most of it though by going on a long bike ride before the down pour, making cookies, and watching videos.

Then Ashlyn wanted to play hide and go seek.  She always wants to play.  I don’t know why but I hate that game.  Thankfully, my husband agreed to play with her.  So I stayed busy playing working on the computer while he and the girls played.  I heard them laughing and Ashlyn saying,”DADDY!” so I wanted to see what was going on.  This is what I saw!


This was his hiding place.  Ashlyn thought it was hilarious!


Then it turned into this.  He likes to outdo himself.


Then my favorite.  Ashlyn was hiding from me.  Her face says it all!

Things To Do With A Paper Plate

So you want to have a craft time but can’t make it to Michaels to buy any supplies.  Here’s what you do. Look around your house and you will be amazed what you have lying around that can be used. Take the paper plate.  Most people have them in their house.  Here are some ideas you can do with them.

Make a Mask- Have your kids cut out eyes, nose and a mouth. If you don’t want them cutting holes in the mask they can look through magazines to find different eyes, noses and mouths to glue on the plate. Then have them decorate it using markers, crayons, and yarn for the hair. Let them be creative. They can make animals, people, whatever. Let them cut out shapes out of construction paper to make ears. Then hole punch two holes and tie a string around it to fit around your child’s head.

Sunshine- Have them paint the plate yellow, and while that’s drying trace their hands. Cut the hands out and have your child glue them around the plate to make the sun’s rays.

Tamborine- You will need two paper plates for this one. Let your child decorate the plates on the backside with anything from crayons to sequins or glitter. Then staple the two plates together leaving a small hole to pour either rice, beans, or small pasta in. After it is all stapled together, your child can add tissue paper streamers that hang down. Now they have a musical instrument to play.

Sight Word Fun

When I was first teaching Ashlyn to read, I would try to think of different ways to help make learning her sight words more fun. She had a list of about 30 “sight words” on post it notes on the back of her door. I bought them at Staples for about $4.00 and she loved them.  Here are some other fun ideas that we have tried that she really enjoyed.

Rainbow Writing– This can be done with paint, markers, crayons, chalk, etc. Just have your child write the word and then copy it using different colors.

Hang Man- We play this on her easel and use her word wall words. I don’t really like the name of the game and we only draw the man when we play.

Guess the Word– I would give her clues such as, this word has three letters and rhymes with fan. Then she had to guess the word I am thinking of… can. This game is great in introduce vowels too.

Word Puzzles– I write her words on index cards (one letter per card) using a different color for each word. Then she had to piece them together and spell the word. You can have your child glue them onto a different piece of paper or store them in an envelope to be used over and over again. This is a fun activity to do with your child’s name also.  Ashlyn loved spelling all the names of the people in our family.

Find the Words– I type up a very short paragraph using as many of her words as I can. Then I would give her a highlighter to find her words. Then she would illustrate the story.

4 In a Row– I stumbled across this idea by a man named Adrian Bruce.  I printed a couple of different game boards and had them laminated. The directions are on the website and it’s a simple game for any age. We used coins as game markers so Ashlyn could learn the different coin names and amounts as she was practicing her words.  She still loves to play this game.

Magazine Hunt– Have your child go through an old magazine or newspaper and cut out their words. Then glue them on a different piece of paper.

There are lots of other ideas but this is a good start. Hope it helps!

Check out my sight word list.