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July Calendar- Writing & Reading Activities

I got such great feedback from my June math calendar that I decided to make one for July that gets them working on their reading and writing skills.  I went ahead and did it since I am scheduled to have the baby on the 24th.  Ashlyn has really enjoyed the math activities we have been [...]

Ocean Day

Ashlyn has been sick for a couple of days now and I am going stir crazy having to stay in the house.  So last night after the girls went to bed I decided to plan another themed day.    They loved the camping day I did last summer so today is Ocean Day at our [...]

Word Families

The other day for room time, I had Emily sort some words into different word families.  We worked on ig, at, an, and it words.  She sorted them all and then got her pointer out and practiced reading them all.  It was so cute! Learning word families are so important for beginning readers.   BECOME [...]

Early Literacy

Here is a great post about early literacy.  Parents ask me all the time what I do with my girls to promote learning throughout my day.  Most of the time, my girls have no idea that they are learning because I incorporate it in our everyday activities.  We play a lot of games to make [...]


I actually won this game at a white elephant/raffle Christmas party but have never actually played it.  At least not the way they probably intended it to be played.  I have been using it for so many other fun activities with my girls. With Ashlyn, who is 6, I have been giving her spelling tests [...]