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Edible Snowmen

I posted this a while back but thought I would again because it was so much fun to make.  After all the snowman books we have read the girls loved making it again. Here is a fun, healthy snack I saw a few years ago in Family Fun magazine.  My girls made their own this [...]

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday- Puppy Chow

I don’t cook or bake so I’m really proud of myself that this is my second Tempt My Tummy Tuesday post.  My first one wasn’t actually a recipe but a resource of where you could find lots of recipes depending on what you are craving.  So I’m not sure if that really counts so I’m [...]

What Are You Craving?

This is not your traditional Tempt My Tummy Tuesday post, but I came across this and thought it was the perfect website for finding recipes for my husband to cook based upon what I feel like eating.  For those of you who know me you know I have about 3 meals I can cook.  But if I [...]

Moon Mud Recipe

If you don’t know what “moon mud” is then maybe you’ve heard of Flubber.  It’s kind-of like stretchy playdoh.  Anyway, my 4 year old brought some home that they made at school.  Her class had been talking about the Earth and space.  She was so excited to play with it and show her sister when [...]