Creepy, Crawly, Bugs!

This week at summer camp the theme was Creepy Crawly Bugs.  We did so many cute crafts but this one was my favorite.  Each kid got a gardening glove (pink for girls and blue for boys).   We hot glued a piece of foam shaped like a body to the top of the glove.  The kids got to pick out whatever colored wings (also made of foam) they wanted to.  Some decorated the wings with pom poms.  I cut Styrofoam balls in half and then glued googly eyes to those.  They each ended up with really cute bug puppets to take home with them.  Here are my girls’ bugs.



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More Fireworks

We made fireworks the other day but the girls wanted to make more.  I used pipecleaners this time and folded them in half and arranged them to look like a firework.  Then we dipped them in red and blue paint and added glitter.  Ashlyn would use glitter on every craft we did if I let her.  Very simple but lots of fun.   We are headed to a 4th of July parade tomorrow so we made star wands (princess wands) to take with us.  Hope everyone has a great 4th!





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Camping Day

We are going camping for the first time with the girls (and as a couple) in a week and the kids are so excited.  I thought I would have a camping day indoors first .  So today while they were resting I planned a whole day of fun activities for Friday.  I took these pictures the night before because I knew I wouldn’ t have time to blog about it tomorrow.  Below is a picture of everything I will need.  Here is what I have planned for them:



  • After breakfast they will decorate two toilet paper rolls using bug stickers, markers, stamps, etc. to make binoculars.
  • rock painting- I found 4 awesome rocks that I “borrowed” from a distant neighbor. :)
  • creating sculptures using toothpicks and mini marshmallows
  • making numbers using playdoh (not really a camping activity but I found a sheet that had snakes on it)
  • bug hunting in the backyard using their binoculars and bug jars they made at Emily’s b-day party. 
  • making their own “trail mix”- popcorn, peanuts, m&m’s, Cheerios
  • reading in their tent and sleeping bags
  • having an indoor picnic using our picnic basket
  • counting activities with fireflies that I found here

I will let you know how it goes and try to take pictures but I can’t promise anything.  I plan on tackling Emily’s dresser in between activities.

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Friday Showcase- Painting with Feathers

My girls love bird books.  They love to go to the nonfiction section at the library and pick out the kind that identify the different types of birds, you know the books that are like thousands of pages long.  I love that they enjoy these types of books but I also try to get them to check out the kind I can actually read to them.  I found a cute one simply called “Birds”.


As we read it we came to a page that talked about how the sky would look if birds painted with their tail feathers.  So we decided to try and recreate that page by painting with feathers. 


I had the girls water color their papers blue first.  Then they picked out what colors they wanted in their skies.  I gave them a different feather for each color, ( I’m very anal about having the colors mix) and they began creating.  They loved it and asked to do more. 




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Friday Showcase-Dot Art

I love Dot Art.  There are so many things you can do with them.  Here are a few things we have been doing this week.  I have so many more ideas to do with Dot Art just not enough time to get them all done.

We made birthday cards! Make sure you use thicker paper or it will go through.

Ashlyn made a rainbow using a paper plate cut in half.

Emily had to put the correct number of dots in each box.

Emily loved tracing her name.

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