Showcase Saturday- Jelly Bean Painting

My girls love marble painting so today we tried painting with jelly beans.  They don’t roll as nicely but it was still fun and turned out cute.  I cut out a shape of a jelly bean (kind of, I’m no artist).  Then we placed it in the top of a shoe box and I had the girls pick out what color paint they wanted to use.  They dropped the jelly beans in the different colored paint and then put them in their box tops.  They tilted and shook them until they were happy with how it looked.  The best part was being able to eat the left overs.  Emily did this craft too but the picture I took of her won’t upload for some reason. 



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Saturday Showcase- Insects and Spiders

This week we’ve been talking about insects and spiders.  The first project was free art.  I had left over flower patterns from my class and then I made some leaves and stems and let my girls go to work.  I also gave them green paper to fringe to make the grass.  Then I gave them bug stickers and had them put them on their pictures where they thought the bugs would go (ex. butterflies and bees next to the flowers, grasshoppers near the grass).  After that, we talked about why the bugs would be near those places. 

For lunch that day I gave them a flower pattern to put over their cups.  I gave them both straws and let them pretend to be butterflies sucking nectar from a flower. 

Emily’s spring picture
This is my 2 year olds picture.  She loves to line everything up.  She told me that the bugs were flying in a line and playing follow the leader.

Spring pictures
My 5-year old’s picture.

Emily drinking

The next day we made hand-print spiders.  I had Ashlyn make the #4 with her fingers and I trace them on both sides to make 8 spider legs.  I cut them out and had her pick out googly eyes to glue on.   We found some black felt and cut out a circle for the web.  Ashlyn made a design on it with glue and then sprinkled silver glitter on it.  With my preschool class I had them marble paint a black circle with white glue to make their webs.  Both turned out cute.

spider web

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Saturday Showcase- trains

I just finished up a transportation unit with my preschoolers and my girls saw one of the projects I did with my class that they wanted to do.  So we decided to make a train.  It’s a fun craft that has many great skills built into it. 

  1. I gave them a white piece of paper and we talked about vertical and horizontal lines.  I gave them a brown marker and had them make train tracks.  I was surprised at how well my 2 year old could do these.
  2. I gave them each 5 different colored squares to be the train cars.  On my 2 year olds,  I wrote the numbers 1-5 and mixed them up.   She had to glue them on the tracks in the correct order.  My 5 year old didn’t want to do this so she just glued them in whatever order she wanted.
  3. Then I let them choose what color wheels they wanted from some old garage sale dot stickers.  I had them put 2 wheels on each train car. 
  4. I happened to have two different pictures of train engines left over and had them cut them out and glue them on the front of the train. 

They turned out cute! 

Emily with train

She’s making her train tracks.

Ashlyn with train

Emily’s train

Emily’s finished train.  She refused to be in the picture.

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Saturday Showcase

Apparently I can’t wait for Spring to come.  We have been making pretty flowers all week long.  Here are a few.

Emily and I did these the other morning.  We used cupcake liners, scissors, markers, a spray bottle, and pipe cleaners. 

  1. Emily cut little triangles out for the petals. 
  2. Then I had her color them with washable markers.  I thought we had colored cupcake liners but could only find white.  She had fun using the markers to decorate them though.

  3. I let her spray them to blend some of the marker together.  It doesn’t do a great job of it but it turned out fine. 
  4. I made a yellow circle in the middle and let her color it in. 
  5. She picked out the color pipe cleaner she wanted and then I made leaves. 

Emily with flower

Emily’s flower


Ashlyn wanted to make bigger flowers so we did the ole’ coffee filter flowers.  She decorated 6 coffee filters with washable markers.  She had fun coloring them different ways (circles, scibbles, etc) to see how they would blend together.  Then she sprayed them with the spray bottle and waited for them to dry.  We folded them all in half together and then twist the bottom of the stack tightly.   She wrapped a pipe cleaner around the twisted part. 

coffee filter

Ashlyn with flowers


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Saturday Showcase

Here are some crafts we made this week.   We have been talking about what trees look like in the different seasons and decided to make a couple “trees” of our own.  We made a “fall tree” and a “winter tree”.

  1. First, trace your child’s arm and hand from about their elbow up.  Make sure they spread their fingers out as far as possible. 
  2. Cut out the arm and hand and glue it on a different colored paper. 
  3. Then for the fall tree, I had Ashlyn tear different fall colored tissue paper to glue on the paper.  You can also have them use paint to dip their fingers in and make fingerprint leaves.  I personally like the 3-D look.
  4. For the Winter tree, she used blue background paper and tore white tissue paper to look like snow. 

It’s that simple.  We plan on doing one for the other two seasons as well. 

fall tree

winter tree

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