Teaching Triangles

I decided to start shapes since Molly knows her colors and I was running out of  creative ideas to do with her.  She knows most of her shapes too but at least it’s something different.  We started with triangles.  Here is what our last week activities looked like.

I cut out a bunch of different sized triangles from scrap book paper and had her glue them on to a piece of paper to make a collage.  I love the way she overlapped some of them.

I made a triangle outline and had her put beans on the glue to make a triangle.

She did a little triangle painting.

We own an overhead projector still and the girls love it.  I have lots of colored shapes so Molly was making pictures using triangles.

I hid different shapes in some sand and had her sort the triangles from the other shapes.  She loved searching through the sand to find them.

Finally I had her use a triangle puzzle piece to trace it.  I wasn’t sure how she would do with this but she did a great job.


Shape Pictures

Last Christmas my mother in law made a few bags of fun crafts for the girls.  The other day after dinner we decided to get out the shape pattern stickers.  I have no idea what these are really called or where to get more so if anyone knows please tell me.  They come with four sheets of different colored shapes and pictures of how to make different animals.  The girls loved making them and figuring out what shapes went where.  Then we got out the crayons to make the backgrounds.  These are great for creating but also for teaching shapes and following directions.  Like I said before, if you know what they are called or where to get more let me know!




Emily working hard on her turtles.


Ashlyn’s finished picture.

Shapes with Foam

I found this fun idea here and Ashlyn loved it so much that she ended up making two.  All you need is some white foam, tape (I used duct tape but painter’s tape would probably work better), and some markers.  She put the tape on the foam however she wanted and then colored in the white parts with markers.  She peeled the tape off to see what design she created!





Mouse Shapes Activity

This is an older post but my daughter loved doing it, so I thought I would share it with you all.

I love the book Mouse Paints so when I saw Mouse Shapes I knew I had to get it.  Emily loves working with shapes so I decided to do an activity with her from the book. It took a little longer to cut all the shapes the night before but I was watching The Bachelor (yes, I admit it) so I was fine.

I read the book to her and we talked about all the shapes on the pages.  Next I asked her to put the shapes I had cut out into groups.  Kids love to sort things at this age.  We started with the first page and made a house using a square and a triangle.  Next she made a tree using a triangle and a short rectangle.  She continued making the pictures by using the shapes that matched the pictures in the book.

Emily with book

She loved this book!


Concentrating on making her fish.

These are some of the things she made using her shapes.


Working with Shapes

Emily has been wanting to make a boat.  I’m not sure where this idea came from but with Emily you never know.  She is pretty random.  I decided to make in into a mini lessons on shapes and gluing (I’ve learned how important gluing lessons are thanks to my new 3 year old class.)

I cut out some shapes from different colored construction paper.  I cut a circle, rectangle, triangle, and half circle.  Then I told Emily to put the shapes on a white piece of paper as I called them out.  So I would say, “Emily, where is the triangle?”  and she would place it anywhere on the white paper.  Once she “found” all the shapes I asked her to put them where she wanted them on her paper to make a picture.  She had no idea that is was supposed to be a boat but I wanted to see what she would make.  She ended up telling me she made a person with a hat on.  Then I told her we were going to make a boat.  I told her where the half circle should go and she was able to figure out the rest. 

This is a fun activity that can be done many different ways with lots of different shapes.  You can let your child be creative and put the shapes anywhere to make their own pictures.  When Ashlyn finished making the boat she asked for crayons and stickers to finish her picture.  Another idea would be to make something and then have them try to copy it using the same shapes.  I love activities that can be repeated and still be just as fun!


After Emily identified the different shapes.