Friday Showcase- Beach Theme

I am on a beach theme kick lately.  First we made flip flops and now sand castles.  I blame it on the fact that it is already in the 90’s here in Florida and we’ve been to the beach several times already.

This craft was so easy and turned out really cute.  I got 2 toilet paper rolls and cut one about 1/4 of the way down.  Then I cut out a window in the tallest roll and cut rectangles out of the top of each one to make them look like castles.  We collected sand and crushed up shells from a park across the street.  We covered the rolls in glue and Ashlyn rolled them in the sand.  Then she cut a triangle out of paper to make a flag and she glued it to a toothpick.




For room time my 2 year old did an activity with magnetic letters.  I colored and cut out some beach pictures with the words at the bottom(crab, sand, towel, etc) and put a magnet on the back.  Then I gave her a cookie sheet and some magnetic letters and had her spell out the words.  She was so proud of herself.


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Saturday Showcase- Footprint Chicks/Ducks

My girls love any project where I paint their feet.  So I decided to make little chicks using their footprints.  I saw this somewhere on someones blog but of course I can’t remember. Let me know if it was yours. 

First, I painted their feet yellow. 


They gathered some dirt (it would have looked much better with nice white sand but we dont’ have that.)  Then they put glue on the bottom and sprinkled the dirt on it.  Both my girls wanted to use dirt to make it look like the chick was walking around in the mud. 


We added a googly eye and a little beak.  Then Ashlyn wanted to paint a sky for him.  She also wanted to do it again except this time she wanted to make it a duck floating on a pond.  She kept adding to the story so by the time it was finished it was a duck floating in a lake on a rainy cloudy day. 


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Saturday Showcase- Cross Suncatcher

This is an easy craft that we did to hang in the girls’ rooms.  I cut out a cross from black paper and put contact paper covering the front.  Then the girls put different colored tissue paper to fill in the cross shape.  When they were finished, I put contact paper on the back and hung them up.  It was simple!

Emily with cross

Emily insists on lining everything up perfectly.  I don’t know where she gets that from!

cross suncatcher

Cross suncatchers

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Showcase Saturday- Butterflies

 My girls love doing anything with coffee filters.  They love to watch the colors blend together.  We didn’t do this craft this week but it’s a fun one that I thought I would share.  These pictures are from awhile ago too. 

All you do is color the coffee filter with washable markers.  You can use all different colors.  Then spray the filters with water.  This will allow the colors to blend into each other.  Once the filters dry, take the clothes pins and put them in the middle of the coffee filter.  Spread the “wings” out to make them full.  You can decorate the clothes pin however you like.  We used googly eyes and drew a mouth.  Then we used the pipe cleaners to make the antennas. 

Here are some pictures of what we made. 



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