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I actually won this game at a white elephant/raffle Christmas party but have never actually played it.  At least not the way they probably intended it to be played.  I have been using it for so many other fun activities with my girls. With Ashlyn, who is 6, I have been giving her spelling tests [...]

Emily’s Reading!

Both my girls have always loved books.  Since they were about 2 months old we have gone to the library weekly and read at least 4 books a day.  Ashlyn started reading pretty young and hasn’t stopped.  I wasn’t sure Emily was going to have the same desire to read but about a month ago [...]

Sight Word Go Fish

Here’s a fun way to reinforce sight word recognition by playing the game Go Fish.  Make a deck of 21 pairs of sight words using index cards cut in half.  Deal five cards to each player and make the rest the “fish pond”.  Play the game just like Go Fish.  As your child’s reading vocabulary [...]

I’m Back!

After 3 weeks away at a Young Life camp in North Georgia (I hope to post more on this later) and almost a week of being sick, I am finally back to posting on the blog.  I know my 4 readers missed me. We spent the day taking the girls to the zoo, painting a [...]

Magnetic Letters

Magnetic letters are great for kids to play with.  Kids of all ages can benefit from using them.  Younger kids can learn their letters by finding matching letters together while older kids can start forming words.  Many kids learn best by touching and doing.  It’s a great hands on activity.  Ashlyn plays with them in [...]