Morning Messages

Every morning when I taught first grade I would write a “Morning Message” to my students on a white board.  It would always start “Today is …” and then the day and date.  Then I would write about what we were talking about today and where we were going for specials (art, music, PE, computer)  I would end my message with some positive sentence about the day.

Last week I wrote one for Ashlyn-4 and she loved it.  She has asked my if I could write her one every morning.  I have for the past week and it’s been great.  It lets her know what is going on that day, what we are doing and where we are going.  I also get to tell her how excited I am about spending the day with her and that I love her.   After she reads it to me I ask her to circle or underline certain things that I am looking for.   I have her circle capital letters, punctuation marks, and her sight words.  She loves this part.  She finally gets to write on a white board!  Now, she is asking if she can write a message to me.  Here is her first one.  I will let you try and guess what it says!  Mouse of the picture to see if you’re right.

Today is Thursday.  We did an Easter egg hunt.  Love, Ashlyn