Scrabble Addition

Ashlyn liked her making word activity so much that I thought I would give her another one only add a little math into the mix.  This is what you need:

  • Scrabble tiles
  • a list of words
  • calculator (optional)
  • pencil and paper

I gave her a list of 5 words.  We spent the day at the beach yesterday so I used beach themed words.  You can also use spelling words, sight words, seasonal words, etc.  Then I gave her a bucket of the Scrabble tiles.


She had to spell the first word from the list and next to it make a number sentence from the point values on each tile.  She had to add the sentence up and total it.  I let her use a calculator because I hardly ever do and she loves hers.


Once all the words were made and added up, she had to tell me which word was worth the most.  She loved it!