More Pond Activities

We finally finished up our habitat books at school on Thursday.  Now I just have to put them all together.  The kids worked so hard on them and they look great.  Our last habitat we talked about was ponds.  Here is a page from our book.


  • The kids painted a small cupcake liner green for the turtles shell.  Then they glued it to the cut out turtle pattern.
  • They ripped green paper to look like cattails and added a small brown pom pom.



We read the book IN the Small, Small Pond and then sang the song 5 Green and Speckled frogs and I borrowed this great prop from my friend.  Thanks Riane!   The kids loved it and played with it throughout the day.




I found this great Frog grid game and the kids asked to play it over and over again.  I printed off two copies and had small frog counters.  Each student took turns rolling the die and adding that many frogs to their lily pads.   The first one to fill up their board won.

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Green Wilma

Emily has had to stay home from school the past two days.  She was sad to miss because she knew they were talking about frogs and turtles so I decided to do the same craft that she missed (I teach another 3’s class).

We started by hunting frogs (or toads) in our backyard.  We found two small ones that she and her sister created habitats for. They named them Weenie and Butterfoot.  Then we read the book Green Wilma by Tedd Arnold.  It is such a fun, silly book that is great for rhyming.  I told Emily we should make our own Green Wilma although after I said that I realized I was out of green paint.  So it became a color mixing project too.

  • Emily mixed the colors blue and yellow.  She was so excited to watch them turn to green.


  • Then she painted the back of a paper plate green.


  •  She glued big white eyes and then drew the pupils, nose and mouth with black marker.


  •  Finally, she curled a red piece of paper around a pen to make the tongue.


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Feather Painting

My girls love bird books.  They love to go to the nonfiction section at the library and pick out the kind that identify the different types of birds, you know the books that are like thousands of pages long.  I love that they enjoy these types of books but I also try to get them to check out the kind I can actually read to them.  I found a cute one simply called “Birds”.


As we read it we came to a page that talked about how the sky would look if birds painted with their tail feathers.  So we decided to try and recreate that page by painting with feathers.


I had the girls water color their papers blue first.  Then they picked out what colors they wanted in their skies.  I gave them a different feather for each color, ( I’m very anal about having the colors mix) and they began creating.  They loved it and asked to do more.




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Cross on a Hill

We did a cute project today in class that my kids enjoyed.  Sorry I don’t have pictures but we were too busy making them.  I cut styrofoam balls in half and had the kids paint them green.  Then I gave them each two popsicle sticks, one regular sized one and one small one.  They colored both sides of each one with brown markers.  We hot glued those together and them stuck them into the top of the styrofoam “hills”.  The last step was optional.  They could add some flower stickers around the bottom of the hill if they wanted.

We talked about why a cross was important for Easter and how it could remind us of how much God loves us.

Easter Projects Done in the Past

Easter Counting Book

This activity could be done anytime with regular stickers but I had lots of Easter stickers to use up.  My 5 year old did this as a center at school so I decided to do it with my 2 year old.  I cut a long piece of construction paper and folded it accordion style until there were 5 “pages”.  On the front I wrote Easter Counting Book and then wrote the numbers 1-5 at the bottom of each page.  She told me the numbers and put the correct amount of stickers on each page.



Resurrection Garden

This is another activity Ashlyn did at school that I thought was really neat.  The kids got to pick out a bowl and fill it with soil.  Then her teacher planted a flower and sprinkled some grass seed.  They made a cross from popsicle sticks and found a rock from outside.  Next, they placed the rock in front of a the bottom part of a plastic Easter egg representing the stone that was in front of Jesus’ tomb.  We have it on our kitchen table and the girls love taking turns trimming the grass with scissors.  I love that every-time we eat, we see the garden and can remember what Jesus did for us and why we celebrate Easter.