Parts of the Flower

My 3’s and 4’s loved doing this project and did a great job.  It teaches the parts of the plant or flower and it was a great following directions activity.  Here is what we did:

1.  We read a few books about flowers and plants.  My favorite was called Grow Flower Grow.  It’s about a little girl who tries to get her flower to grow by feeding it food such as pizza and spaghetti.  She gets frustrated because it won’t grow so she throws it outside.  It finally starts to grow.  This lead to a great discussion about what they actually need to grow and how they get their food.

2. Then I gave them brown yarn, a straw, a small cupcake liner, and two leaves. They colored soil at the bottom of their paper and then glued the yarn down as roots.  Then they had to glue the straw, leaves, and the liner down.   As they were working we talked about why the plant needed each of those things.



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Collage Flowers

Part of Ashlyn’s homework this weekend was to create a collage picture using magazines.  We went through tons of magazines so she could find the “perfect” patterns and cut them.   Then she arranged everything on her paper how she wanted it.  The only thing I did was cut the petals.  It turned out so cute.  She even had the idea to add a butterfly!




Every month in our 3’s class we do an artist of the month.  We teach the kids a little bit about the artist and then try to copy one of their works of art.  In April we put on an art show for the parents to come and see all that their kids have created.  This month we are doing Claude Monet’s (my favorite) Sunflowers.  I wanted to try it at home first with my 6 year old to see how it would look.

 Monet - Sunflowers

We took a white piece of paper and had her use a sponge brush to paint it.  Then she used a roller to paint a red half circle on the bottom.  I cut a sponge into a rectangle to make the vase and a circle for the middle of the flowers.  Then she used the other side of the rectangle sponge to paint the petals.  We only had room for two flowers because the red half circle was too big.  I now know to encourage my kids to make it smaller.



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Saturday Showcase- Footprint Chicks/Ducks

My girls love any project where I paint their feet.  So I decided to make little chicks using their footprints.  I saw this somewhere on someones blog but of course I can’t remember. Let me know if it was yours. 

First, I painted their feet yellow. 


They gathered some dirt (it would have looked much better with nice white sand but we dont’ have that.)  Then they put glue on the bottom and sprinkled the dirt on it.  Both my girls wanted to use dirt to make it look like the chick was walking around in the mud. 


We added a googly eye and a little beak.  Then Ashlyn wanted to paint a sky for him.  She also wanted to do it again except this time she wanted to make it a duck floating on a pond.  She kept adding to the story so by the time it was finished it was a duck floating in a lake on a rainy cloudy day. 


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Here are some other Easter crafts we did this week.

Saturday Showcase- Cross Suncatcher

This is an easy craft that we did to hang in the girls’ rooms.  I cut out a cross from black paper and put contact paper covering the front.  Then the girls put different colored tissue paper to fill in the cross shape.  When they were finished, I put contact paper on the back and hung them up.  It was simple!

Emily with cross

Emily insists on lining everything up perfectly.  I don’t know where she gets that from!

cross suncatcher

Cross suncatchers

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