Friday Showcase- Beach Theme

I am on a beach theme kick lately.  First we made flip flops and now sand castles.  I blame it on the fact that it is already in the 90’s here in Florida and we’ve been to the beach several times already.

This craft was so easy and turned out really cute.  I got 2 toilet paper rolls and cut one about 1/4 of the way down.  Then I cut out a window in the tallest roll and cut rectangles out of the top of each one to make them look like castles.  We collected sand and crushed up shells from a park across the street.  We covered the rolls in glue and Ashlyn rolled them in the sand.  Then she cut a triangle out of paper to make a flag and she glued it to a toothpick.




For room time my 2 year old did an activity with magnetic letters.  I colored and cut out some beach pictures with the words at the bottom(crab, sand, towel, etc) and put a magnet on the back.  Then I gave her a cookie sheet and some magnetic letters and had her spell out the words.  She was so proud of herself.


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Flip Flops

I live in my flip flops and so do my girls.  So I decided to have Ashlyn make some just for fun.  I made some flip flop shapes(or you could just trace their feet with their shoes on) and let her decorate them however she wanted.  I had dot markers and stickers for her to use.  She finished one and I told her she could do the other one the same or different it was up to her.  She said,  “Mommy, I want to make them symmetrical like butterfly wings.”  I was impressed and asked her how she knew that.  She said that her teacher, Mrs. Scott taught her that word.  We are really going to miss her when school gets out.  I hole punched three holes and used pink rick rack to finish it off.  I’ve also used pipe cleaners for this as well.  Here is the final project.  Not completely symmetrical but good enough for a 5 year old.