July Calendar- Writing & Reading Activities

I got such great feedback from my June math calendar that I decided to make one for July that gets them working on their reading and writing skills.  I went ahead and did it since I am scheduled to have the baby on the 24th.  Ashlyn has really enjoyed the math activities we have been doing.  I gave her a spiral notebook she calls her “Math Journal” and she does each daily activity in there.  Once she completes one, she puts a sticker on her chart.

July Calendar- Writing & Reading Activities

I plan on doing the same thing with the July calendar.  I choose activities that she would enjoy and some might not be available for everyone.  Feel free to modify it (here’s the word file) to whatever works for you and your child.

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Minute Math – Everyday for June

Teaching my kids is something I try to do everyday even if they aren’t aware they are learning.  I like to make math something they learn to use in everyday situations.

Here is a calendar of ideas to do with your kids each day during the month of June.  They only take a few minutes and will help keep math fun.  Enjoy!


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Water Day!

In the beginning of summer I did a camping day (pictures) with the girls.  They had a blast and got me thinking about doing other themed days.  So today, (yes it took 2 months for me to actually do another one) we had water day!  We had 5 moms and 8 kids ranging in ages from 22 months to 5 years old participate.  I planned games, centers, and had 2 slip-N-slides going.  Here are some of the other activities we did.

  • Two Water Discovery Tables– This was filled with bath toys, cups, funnels, eye droppers, fish and net.
  • Water Limbo– This is played just like regular limbo but with a water hose.  After the kids did this for awhile I would give them an animal and they had to act out the animal while going under the hose.
  • Dry, Dry, Wet– This was very popular!  It’s like Duck, Duck, Goose only the”ducker” carries a small cup filled with water.  When they choose someone they say wet and pour the water on that persons head.
  • Sponge Relay- We split the kids into 2 teams and had them put a wet sponge on their head and run/walk with it to a bowl.  Then they had to squeeze the sponge out and run it back to the next person in line.  They didn’t really get that it was a race but they had fun with it.







It was such a great time for the kids and moms and a great way to spend a hot summer day in Florida.  We’ve decided that next time we are going to have an adult water day!

Pictures from Camping Day

Well I survived camping day with the girls but I didn’t get much done around the house while they were playing. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.  Here are some pictures I got throughout the day.  I think next week’s theme is going to be Field Day.  I’ve got some ideas already that I’ll share later.

The girls looking through their binoculars they made.

Emily using her binoculars to find a bug (pretend) hiding in the bushes.  Can you find it?

Directions for their Trail Mix snack.

Snuggling and reading in their tent.

Some marshmallow sculptures we made.

Eating fruit kabobs for lunch.  They loved making these.

Making numbers out of playdoh.

Counting fireflies to put in her jar.

We also painted rocks but I didn’t get any pictures of that.  It was such a fun day with lots to do.  I think I will start having a themed stay at home day once a week over the summer.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  Become a Facebook Fan of Teaching Two.

Summer Fun at the Beach

This summer has been so much fun.  My husband is a teacher who usually works summer school but with all the money cut backs, didn’t get it this year.  So we had a whole summer of family time.  We spent a lot of that time at the beach.   Today is the last day of his summer break and heads back to work tomorrow.  We are all very sad but excited to get a paycheck again!

The girls have had a blast at the beach this summer.  They were able to play in the sand, splash in the waves, skim board, and even surf with Daddy.  Ashlyn was able to stand up on the surf board.  Of course I didn’t get a picture of that!  Here are some I did take.