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July Calendar- Writing & Reading Activities

I got such great feedback from my June math calendar that I decided to make one for July that gets them working on their reading and writing skills.  I went ahead and did it since I am scheduled to have the baby on the 24th.  Ashlyn has really enjoyed the math activities we have been [...]

Minute Math – Everyday for June

Teaching my kids is something I try to do everyday even if they aren’t aware they are learning.  I like to make math something they learn to use in everyday situations. Here is a calendar of ideas to do with your kids each day during the month of June.  They only take a few minutes [...]

Water Day!

In the beginning of summer I did a camping day (pictures) with the girls.  They had a blast and got me thinking about doing other themed days.  So today, (yes it took 2 months for me to actually do another one) we had water day!  We had 5 moms and 8 kids ranging in ages [...]

Pictures from Camping Day

Well I survived camping day with the girls but I didn’t get much done around the house while they were playing. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.  Here are some pictures I got throughout the day.  I think next week’s theme is going to be Field Day.  I’ve got some ideas already that I’ll share later. [...]

Summer Fun at the Beach

This summer has been so much fun.  My husband is a teacher who usually works summer school but with all the money cut backs, didn’t get it this year.  So we had a whole summer of family time.  We spent a lot of that time at the beach.   Today is the last day of his summer [...]