Teaching Thankfulness

For our family Thanksgiving has always been a holiday where you see family and friends and eat lots of food.  It is fun but not necessarily very meaningful.  The girls are getting older so I wanted to start a new tradition.  I found this great Thanksgiving activity last week and started it today.  It’s a simple way to count down the days until Thanksgiving while teaching your kids to be thankful for the things God has blessed them with.  Our first paper that we choose was “I am Thankful for my Grandparents.”  It said to call them and tell them.  It was so fun to hear the girls call each grandparent and let them know they were grateful for them.  What a great way to teach our kids to think of others.

Turkey Activities

My girls loved making this turkey today.  All you need is brown construction paper, a coffee filter, and some washable markers. 

  1. Cut out a turkey shape from brown construction paper.  I traced one that I found online.
  2. Have your child color a coffee filter with washable markers.  It really doesn’t matter how they color it but it will look best if they color most of it and don’t leave many white spots.
  3. Have them spray the coffee filter with water.  This will allow all the colors to run together.
  4. While waiting for the filter to dry, I had my girls draw a face on the turkey pattern that I cut out.  I let Ashlyn cut her own out. 
  5. Once the filter is dry, fold it in half and glue or staple it to the back of the turkey for the feathers.  They turn out really cute!


I did a different activity with Emily and I was able to use the same turkey pattern.  This time I wrote her name on the front of the turkey and colored it.  Then I cut pieces of different color construction paper and wrote a letter on each piece that is in her name.  These are the turkey’s feather.  Now she has a game to practice how to spell her name.  I mix up the feathers and she has to put them back together in the correct order.

name turkey