Transportation-Day 2

I continued the transportation theme in my class today by talking about boats and airplanes.  We started off by doing a little science experiment.  I am trying do more of these in my class because the kids love them.  I got some fun items and the kids had to predict what would sink and what would float.  We set up a chart and recorded our findings.  The kids figured out (I have very smart 3 and 4 year olds) that if something was light it floated and if it was heavy it sank.

During our centers time the kids had lots to choose from.  We made airplanes out of toilet paper rolls.  They water colored them and decorated them with stickers.


In the Discovery table I put lots of cotton balls with airplanes to pretend with.



We also had a stamp center where they had to use crayons first to draw a background then they could use the stamps to add to it.   They also had to use transportation sorters to put either on the sky, land, or water mats.  They loved this!  Sorry I don’t have pictures of the last two.  It’s hard to teach 10 3-4 years olds and take pictures.

I also wanted to show a couple of the trains my kids made on train day.  It was a free art center where I put out different colored shapes and dot markers.  I had them draw train tracks first and then create their trains.



 Check out more fun craft ideas here.


Yesterday was a rainy, cold day so I knew we would be inside the whole day.  I usually try and plan fun things for the girls to do during these type days.  Ashlyn just finished up a transportation unit at school and Emily is starting one on Tuesday so I decided to go with that.  We read the book Away We Go! by Rebecca Kai Dotlich to start off the day.  It’s not the most exciting book but it had cute pictures to talk about.

Then we collected as many cars, trains, and princess coaches that had wheels and picked out some fun colored paints.  The girls had a blast rolling them in the paint and making tracks all over their papers.



After that we practiced making paper airplanes.  Ashlyn loved this activity and even named the ones she made.  My favorite is The Super Dee Duper 100.  I don’t have any pictures of this.  We were too busy having flying contests to see who’s could go the farthest.  After making paper airplanes we made edible ones for a snack.  All you need is a half of banana, peanut butter, a pretzel stick, and some crackers.  They turned out cute and were delicious to eat!


Our final activity was fro Emily to practice her cutting skills by cutting out “train tracks”.  She had to follow the tracks to the heart stickers and then stop.  She did a great job!


I had planned much more but Emily had a fever so I didn’t want to push it.  Here is a cute train craft we did last year during our transportation unit.  Check out more transportation activities here.