What is Love??

The girls and I have been making Valentines all day for grandparents.  I was asking them why they thought we celebrated Valentine’s Day and they knew it was to show people we loved them.  Then I asked them, “What is love?”  Both just sat there in silence.  I realized that “Love” is a word people hear and throw around all the time, but do my kids even know what it is???

That’s when I knew what our next project was going to be.  I found Bible verses from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and printed it out.  We hung it on the refrigerator to be a constant reminder.  Next ,we cut out hearts and wrote the different things that love was and was not from the verses.  I was going to print them but instead I had Ashlyn write them.  We folded them in half and put them in a cute little heart shaped basket.

Starting tonight, we will take turns as a family choosing a heart from the basket at dinner and talking about what that attribute of love means and how we can demonstrate it to each other and to those around us.  We wrote down 15 and there are 17 days left in February.  Perfect…because I know we won’t be able to do it every night.  I’m hoping this will teach my girls and remind my husband and I what love truly is and that it comes from God.




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Saturday Showcase

Here are some projects that we worked on this week.  I got the idea from another website but I forget which one.  Sorry!  Let me know if it’s yours.  I cut out a lot of different size hearts from all different colored paper.  I also had glitter, heart stickers, and pipe cleaners on the table for them to use. Then I let the girls create whatever they could come up with.  They loved this project and wanted to continue to work on it for about an hour. 


Emily with her ladybug.  She is obsessed with them.


Ashlyn with her mouse creation.


Some of our heart creations. 

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Gift Cards, Thank You’s, Invitations…Oh My!

I was searching for Valentine crafts when I stumbled upon this.  I had been to the website before but not the part where it will custom make gift cards, thank you’s, b-day invitations and tons of other great stuff.  I made 20 Valentine gift tags in about 2 minutes.  For Emily’s I typed in the names of her classmates but for Ashlyn’s I left them blank so she could write them in herself.  It’s easy, cute, and free!

Valentine’s Day Fun!

Can you believe it?  Valentine’s Day is around the corner and will be here before you know it.  Now, as some of you know I refuse to buy any kind of card.  I would rather save $3.00 and have my daughters make them. 

I feel the same way about Valentine’s Day.  I usually start about now by taking the girls to Michaels’ and letting them pick out some fun stuff to make for friends and family.  It’s quite a project to tackle and now that both my girls are in preschool we have even more to make.  This year I decided to take the easy way out with the classmates.  We are using an idea I saw in Family Fun magazine.  We bought some Teddy Grahams (buy one get one free at Publix) to put in Ziploc bags and then we will only have to make little name cards saying, “You are Beary Special.” 

Here are a few other ideas to get you and your kids in the Valentine spirit.

Heart Wreath

  1. Cut out the middle of a paper plate and turn the plate over. 
  2. Glue lots of different colored hearts to cover the outside of the plate.
  3. Use foam heart stickers, sequins, or buttons to decorate.

Heart Wreath

Marble Heart Painting

  1. Cut the shape of a heart out of white paper.
  2. Use a shallow box to put the heart in and add little blobs of paint.  Then add about a dozen marbles.  You can also use golf balls or toy race cars. 
  3. Have your child move the box back and forth and side to side to “paint” the heart with the marbles.  While the paint is still wet, sprinkle some glitter on it. 

Here’s another post exclusively about marble painting.

Glittering Heart

Heart Name Puzzles

  1. Write your child’s name on a heart shaped cut out.
  2. Cut it into 3 or 4 pieces (only cut between the letters).
  3. Now they have a heart shaped puzzle to practice spelling their name.

Number Practice

  1. Using heart shapes, write a number on one side of the heart and put that number of heart stickers on the other side.
  2. I did this with the numbers 1- 10 for my preschool class.
  3. Cut the hearts down the middle and now you and your child have a fun number matching game.