Edible Snowmen

I posted this a while back but thought I would again because it was so much fun to make.  After all the snowman books we have read the girls loved making it again.

Here is a fun, healthy snack I saw a few years ago in Family Fun magazine.  My girls made their own this afternoon in about 5 minutes.  Here is how we made it.

1. Cut 3 thick slices of banana for the body.

2.  Add a triangle piece of apple for his hat with a grape on top.

3.  For his eyes and buttons the magazine said to use mini choc. chips but we used raisins instead.  I had the girls bite them in half  so they would stick better.

4.  We then used 2 pretzel sticks for the arms and a sliver of carrot for the nose.

It was easy to make and healthy to eat!

Ashlyn & snowman

Emily & snowman