July Calendar- Writing & Reading Activities

I got such great feedback from my June math calendar that I decided to make one for July that gets them working on their reading and writing skills.  I went ahead and did it since I am scheduled to have the baby on the 24th.  Ashlyn has really enjoyed the math activities we have been doing.  I gave her a spiral notebook she calls her “Math Journal” and she does each daily activity in there.  Once she completes one, she puts a sticker on her chart.

July Calendar- Writing & Reading Activities

I plan on doing the same thing with the July calendar.  I choose activities that she would enjoy and some might not be available for everyone.  Feel free to modify it (here’s the word file) to whatever works for you and your child.

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Ocean Day

Ashlyn has been sick for a couple of days now and I am going stir crazy having to stay in the house.  So last night after the girls went to bed I decided to plan another themed day.    They loved the camping day I did last summer so today is Ocean Day at our house.  It doesn’t compare to the camping unit because I am 9 months pregnant and only thought of this at 9:00 at night.  But I think it will be fun.  Here is what they are doing:

  • We started outside to beat the heat with a sink or float center.  I gave them some items in a beach bucket to test.  They had to predict before what it would do before putting it in.  Then they had to record what happened by drawing a picture under sink or float.



  • Next we headed back inside to do a little reading on the “beach”.  I put a beach towel down with some chairs.  I put a bucket of beach and ocean themed books in a bucket for them to choose from.  Then I added sunglasses, pool toys, and hats to pretend with.



  • After reading, the girls went to a pocket chart/word making center.  I found a cute pocket chart rhyme and then put two white boards out and some letter tiles.  They could read the rhyme and change what animal swam by them.  Then the other person could either write it on the board (which they love to do) or spell the animal with the tiles.  They took turns and stayed at this center longer than I thought they would.




  • Movie Center– Ashlyn’s fever started to go up again so I let them watch Finding Nemo.  As the movie went on her fever continued to climb so we will have to finish the rest of the activities another day.  Here is what else I had planned.
  • Discovery Table– I had a water table set up with lots of mermaids in it.  They love playing with these in the bathtub.
  • Math- Shell Sorting– I had tons of shells set up for them to sort through. They love looking at all the different shells and telling me how they are the same.
  • Reading/Art-Then I was going to read them Mister Seahorse and have them paint a seahorse with sponges.  Once they dried we were going to use q-tips to paint dots on him.

Hopefully my girl will feel better soon!

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Interactive Journaling

Every morning I used to write a morning message to my girls.  They loved this but now I am trying something a little different.  I gave Ashlyn a journal and wrote her a short letter, just a few sentences.  I left it on her desk in her room and when she woke up she read it and instantly wrote me back.  It has been great for communicating with her what we are doing that day, how special she is, and how much I love her.  I wanted it to be more personal between the two of us.  Every time she reads a letter I can see her eyes light up with pride.

It is also great for sneaking in writing skills such as proper letter writing, punctuation,  and writing complete sentences.  I don’t correct her spelling because I want her to feel free about what she will write.  Let me know if you try it with your kids.


Using E-mail as a Learning Tool

My Dad and Ashlyn are very close but he lives in North Carolina and we live in Florida.  He sends them letters and gifts in the mail and they talk on the phone quite a bit but Ashlyn loves e-mailing him.  It has been great for practicing writing sentences and using punctuation.  Plus she is getting keyboard practice and they are growing closer. He is good about writing her back right away and she gets so excited to read it.  Here is an example e-mail.

I hope you are having a great time walking your dog mose in the morning.  I love you to.  How are you doing?


And here’s his reply.

What a nice surprise to get an email from you. Yes I am having a good time with Mose . He and I walk to the top of Beaver Dam Mountain and back down. We pick up trash from the road and recycle the aluminum cans and throw away the rest. We hike about 5 1/2 miles round trip.

The weather has been cold in the morning but pretty nice in the afternoon. It is supposed to get pretty cold this weekend. I am going to have to wrap Mose’s dog house in a blanket so he will stay warm.I might have to put an extra blanket on my bed.

Say hello to Mom, Dad and Emily for me. Mose said to say hello to Reilly.

Loved hearing from you.



A Few Simple Activities

Here are a few simple activities that my girls did in “room time” yesterday.  I wrote numbers on clothes pins and then gave Emily number cards.  I had her match the clothes pins with the number cards.


Ashlyn is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks (sigh) so I had her write about it.  She has a word journal she uses for big words she can’t sound out.  I wrote kindergarten in it and she did the rest herself!  I thought her picture was so cute.  She told me she is standing at the door to the classroom with her backpack on.  She is very excited!  I have Ashlyn free write about once a week and then I date them.  Eventually I plan on taking pictures of them all and then turning them into a book.