Fun on the Farm!


Mondays are so fun having all three girls home.  Molly goes to school Tuesdays through Fridays so Mondays are her home school days.  The girls love helping me think of ideas to for along with the theme of the week.  Last week she did many fun, farm activities so I decided to continue with the farm theme for today.  Here are a few she enjoyed exploring:

Here was something new we tried.  I printed out a picture of a sheep and then traced it onto a piece of contact paper.  I hung it on the wall sticky side out and game Molly some cotton balls.  She loved covering her sheep with “wool”.

I gathered all our farm books for her to look through.  She has so many books and seems to forget some when they just stay in her bookshelf.  I like to pull some out for her each week so she remembers some of her long lost favorites.

Her weekly Discovery box is always a favorite.   I usually put her 8 year old sister Emily in charge of putting these together.  She loves creating these and plays with them almost as much as Molly does.

I found these word puzzles at Target for $3.00 and they have been great.  I pulled out about 5 that had to do with farms for her.  I love hearing her stretching these words out to spell.

For her pocket chart activity I wrote out 4 farm animal names along with a picture of each animal.  First, she had to match the correct word with each picture.  Then I rewrote the name of each animal and cut it between each letter to make a puzzle.  I mixed up the letters and had her put them back in the right order next to the name that I had written.

Molly loves to cut and glue things so I always try to give her some sort of worksheet for her to do that with.  This week I found this beginning sound match paper.  She decided to join her sister on the trampoline to finish her work.

Fall Learning!


We have been so busy these last few weeks but I managed to plan a few Fall themed learning activities.   Here are a few my youngest has enjoyed.

She loves a good discovery box so I usually do a new one every two weeks.  Last week my 8 year old planned one for her.  She kept the popcorn and apples in but  hid small trinkets that began with the letter H (her letter of the week) as well as a few non H toys.  My little one had to search for the ones that began with an H and take them out.

We did a little pumpkin painting, because let’s be honest, it’s so much easier than pumpkin carving.  With the leftover paints I had her create a Fall colored tree.  I printed out a tree pattern and then cut a toilet paper roll in half length wise.  I taped it and formed it to look like a leaf shape.  Then she used that to stamp her tree.  She used a small paintbrush to fill in the leaves to complete her tree.

One of her favorite activities last week was a color word matching game.  She is dying to learn how to read and to be honest I’ve been kind of lazy about teaching her.  She is so close and wants to learn to be like her older sisters.  So I thought she would like this one and I was right!  I cut out pumpkins in different colors.  Then I cut the bottoms of them to make them into a puzzle.  On white paper I wrote the color words and cut the tops of the words to match the correct pumpkin puzzle.  She loved reading the words and matching them!

Creating an Atmosphere for Learning


My youngest is obsessed with letters and trying to write anything she sees lately.  It’s been so much fun watching her write the names of our family, our pets, and anything else she can think of.  She has a journal in the house and in the car with different colored pens and pencils.  We have a chalkboard table with chalk readily available as well.  I keep our family names hung up on the door so she can always see how to spell them. I feel that having these materials available to her is important to create an atmosphere where learning can take place.

I wrote our family names on two separate sentence strips, and cut one set in order to make a name puzzle.  She loved putting the letters in order to spell the names.

Here is some of the names she wrote yesterday.

Another activity she has enjoyed is using the Lite Brite.  I write whatever her letter of the week is with a sharpie on a white piece of paper.  She has to trace it with the Lite Brite pegs.

Learning on The Go!


I love the fact that kids don’t have to be sitting at a desk or table doing a worksheet or memorizing facts in ordering to be learning.  Last week was a busy week full of all sorts of learning even though very few assignments were completed.

My girls had just finished reading the books The borrowers and The Borrowers Afield about a month ago.  I was so excited when I found out from a friend that the play was being performed at our local theater.  I couldn’t have planned the timing of this field trip any better!  We compared and contrasted the book vs. the play and discussed all sorts of traits about each character.  If your kids haven’t read this series I highly recommend them.  The play was cleverly done with many great special effects. That was Monday!

Tuesday was a normal morning but the girls had yearbook pictures that I had to take them to. My girls are home-schooled but they go to school once a week to take enrichment classes so the school wanted them in the yearbook.  It is an amazing school and they wanted all parts of their student body to be represented.  So, I drove about 30 minutes there, for a 2 minute picture, for a yearbook I won’t be buying and 30 minutes back. However,  it did give us an excuse to visit a really cool pet store that my girls love.  They have all kinds of exotic animals, mostly reptiles. We learned that baby bearded dragons are messy little things that eat a lot!  Their cages have to be cleaned out at least twice a day!  We saw tons of beautiful snakes and a frog bigger than my 8 year olds head!!  I counted that as another field trip!

Wednesday, we did a few subjects and then headed to the bowling alley to hang out with some of the other home schooled kids.  We’ve got to socialize these kids you know!  :) We learned that my 10 year old still benefits from using bumpers and that the probability of a bowling ball being thrown backwards is very high when you have around 40 kids bowling.

After bowling we met my mother in law at our house and dropped the girls off.  It was time for our date night at the Rays game in St. Pete.  We drove 2 hours to watch them lose to The Yankees but we had a blast!  I’m not as young as I used to be and getting home past 1:00 in the middle of the night caught up to me.  I was exhausted the next day but it was totally worth it!

Thursday we had a  nice relaxing day to catch up on some of the things we needed to.  We did a few experiments, which I’ll share later, and took it easy.  I love the flexibility of home schooling!


Abstract Art


This was such a fun, easy art project that turned out great!  I gave my girls white paper , a coffee cup, and a pencil.  I told them to trace as many circles as they wanted and to overlap some.  Those were all my directions. Then I set them loose to create!  When they completed their tracing, I had them go over the pencil lines with a black sharpie.  Then I brought out the watercolors and had them paint their papers however they wanted.  I absolutely love how they turned out and am thinking about framing them to hang in our house.


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