Hidden Ice Treasure

We live in Florida so our kids don’t get to play in the snow and I am fine with that.  I’m not a big fan of the cold weather.  This week it has been freezing, literally.  Ashlyn wanted to put some water outside and see if it would freeze overnight.  I decided to surprise her and hide some of her small toys in the ice.  The next morning I had “tools” (spoon, fork, screwdriver, warm water with eye droppers, and salt) laid out for her to undercover her buried frozen treasure.  I had her predict which tool she thought would work best.  She guessed the warm water.


She got right to work using all her tools except for the ice.  I convinced her to try it and the ice started cracking and melting away.  It was a great little science experiment and she loved rescuing all her toys.


Once her toys her safe, I had her put drops of food coloring on the ice.  It was awesome to watch the colors go down into the cracks she had made.  Here is a picture of her colorful ice mound.



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