We talked about penguins in my 3’s class last week.  I am so mad because we did such cute things and I forgot my camera.  I still wanted to share so I will try to be detailed.

I read the kids a non-fiction book about penguins first and we talked about how the Daddy penguins take care of the eggs while the Mommy fishes for food.  I had the kids try to balance bean bags (eggs) on the top of their feet for a minute.


Then I showed them pictures of ice bergs and we talked about how penguins were playful and loved sliding into the water.  I put a blanket on the ground and told them to pretend they were penguins.  They had to estimate how many would fit on the iceberg.  Then I folded the blanket in half and had them estimate again.  We did this until only one little penguin could fit.

I had a water table with small plastic penguins  from the movie Happy Feet and cut styrofoam blocks to act as icebergs.  They loved playing at this center!

Finally we talked about Emperor penguins and how tall they thought they were (they are about 4 feet tall).  I stuck a piece of masking tape on the wall and had them try to build a tower as tall as an Emperor penguin.

To end the lesson I read the book Tacky to them.  The kids loved pretending and learning fun facts about penguins.

There are some other Penguin activities at Dresses ‘n Messes, & Winter Warms The Soul.  And, Gazette has a lot of Winter themed activities for pre-school & early grades.

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