In the Tall Tall Grass

My students loved listening to the book In the Tall Tall Grass. The pictures are great as well as the vocabulary and rhyming words.  I decided this was a book that needed to be read outside in the grass.  So I gave each student a magnifying glass and we headed outside to find the perfect patch of grass.  Once we finished the book, we searched for bugs and other animals that might be hiding out in the grass near us.  My students found spiders, lots of ants, a couple of flies and two lizards. It was so fun listening to them get so excited when they found something.   I wish I had pictures of this but we were too busy exploring.

During centers, the kids made their own tall grass and drew pictures of bugs they would like to find.  First they had to fringe the paper to make grass, then they drew the bugs.  Some wanted to add bug stickers and then they had to complete this sentence that I wrote on top of their paper “In the tall tall grass ______________  saw ______ bugs. “  They had to write their name and write the number of bugs they had altogether.

In our discovery table the kids got to observe and gently touch some live worms in dirt.  I also added some plastic bugs and a piece of sod for them to look at with magnifying glasses.

Our art project was symmetrical butterflies.  The kids squeezed different colored paint onto a yellow piece of construction paper and then folded the paper in half.  We cut in into a butterfly shape and hot glued it onto a painters stick.   They turned out great and the kids loved flying them around the room.

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