Welcome Spring!

I love Spring time and have been waiting for it to arrive.  I love opening the windows in my house, playing outside after dinner, hearing birds singing, and going to the beach.  These are sure signs it’s springtime in Florida.

I’ve been reading some of my favorite spring books to my class and wanted to share some with you.

*When Will it Be Spring? – This book is about a cute little bear cub who waits impatiently for Spring to arrive.  It’s great because throughout the book his mother teaches him what spring looks like.  As I’m reading it we make a chart of what Spring looks like.  Some examples are: butterflies flying around looking for nectar, birds in the trees, flowers blooming, etc.  After we make the chart the kids get to illustrate what they think Spring looks like.

*Mouse’s First Spring- My class loved this book.  Little Mouse walks through the field and finds all sorts of animals and bugs.  I found pictures of each animal Mouse found and printed a picture of them.  Then, in a pocket chart, we used the pictures to complete the sentences ” Mouse saw a _____________.”  My kids love these predicable charts because it makes them feel like they can really read.  We also used the pictures as a sequencing activity.

*Birds– This book is by Kevin Henkes and has beautiful pictures.  As we read it we came to a page that talked about how the sky would look if birds painted with their tail feathers.  So we decided to try and recreate that page by painting with feathers.  I did this with my girls last Spring and they loved it.

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  1. Hi I teach preschool and wanted some spring circle time activities ? Mouses first spring you would rad that first then dobthe predictable chart? Do you already have mouse saw a in the chart? And then the children guess or pockbthe picture they see?

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