All About Skeletons

This week we have been working on skeletons.  My girls have LOVED this unit and so have I.  My hubby is a teacher and brought this guy home for the week.  We named him Mr. Bones (creative I know) and played with him everyday.  My 1 year old waved and laughed and said hi every time she passed him.   I think she will miss him most.

We read lots of great books like Bones, Skeleton! Skeleton, Dem Bones, and Skeletons.  The girls listened to the song Name Those Bones over and over to memorize the bone names.  We all can sing it by heart now.

They worked together to put put a life sized x-ray puzzle together of a skeleton.  They had so much fun doing this and did it several times.   After they got it together, they labeled the bones.

I found two cute poems and printed those out for their poetry notebooks.  They spend so much time reading through these and illustrating them.  I’m very glad I started this with them each week.

My 5 year old drew each bone separately and labeled them.

The girls made their own skeletons out of q-tips and decided to name them (Twinkle and Sparkles) and put bows in their hair cranium.

Today I had them label each other to review the names of the bones.  They laughed the whole time they were doing this.

Finally they had to label all the bones on a blank skeleton.  It’s amazing how much information kids can retain!!


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